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EarthBound vs Mother 3

EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,665 Lieutenant
edited August 2016 in Creative
Part 1/5: Paula vs Kumatora
Eagleland, Onett.

A young lady was in the local Onett library reading about overcoming shyness. She was blonde, wore a ribbon and had a pink dress. She could sense someone was also walking into the library, with PSI as she did. However, it was not Ness. She knew Ness went over to winters to talk to Dr. Andonuts for help. The woman, donning a blue sweater, red boots, and pink hair, walked into the library. The woman in the blue sweater noticed something...Conveniently, there was no one else in the library but the lady in the pink skirt. The woman in blue decided to ignore her and stared at a bookshelf.

"PK FIRE!" The woman in blue said. This got the lady in pink's attention. She saw that the woman in blue was burning some of the random books.

"Another PSI wielder? Oh, cool." The lady in pink said in her mind. She shrugged it off and went back to reading her book as the woman in blue continued to burn some more, until there was one book left. They both didn't interact with each other at all...
Until the woman in blue burned the lady in pink's book. The lady in pink got angry and stood up to her.

"Hey! That wasn't cool, identify yourself!" The lady in pink told her.

"You will identify first." The woman in blue replied.


"YOU will identify!"

"If you have PSI, you should know who I am! I'm the valet of the EarthBound crew!" The lady in pink said.

"If you even knew what PSI is, you should have it yourself and know who I am! I'm the muscle of the Mother 3 crew." The woman in blue said.

"Mother 3? So...You must be my replacement... A clown who looks like my boyfriend without his hat."

"I'm your replacement? So...You must be Paula." The woman in blue realized. "I would rather look like someone who's sad enough to actually go out with you than look like how Marilyn Monroe would've looked like if she were still alive today."

"And you must be Kumatora." Paula, the lady in pink, realized. "You are wearing a sweater with no pants! If you and I were to get into a fight, you cannot defeat me with your crotch hanging out in public like that!"

"Said the one wearing the most uncool hair accessory of all time!" Kumatora said.


"PK FIRE!" They both yelled, shooting at each other. The fire collided and they both posed.

Almost immediately, Kumatora decks Paula in the face and knocks her onto her knees. Paula swirled around fast to face her. At the same time, Paula managed to grab a frying pan from out of no where and smack Kumatora with it. Now, Kumatora was onto her knees. Kumatora decided to make a quick decision and guts Paula. Paula was holding onto her stomach, trying to recover her breath after she got the wind knocked out of her. Kumatora goes for a roundhouse kick, which sends Paula soaring over a table. Walking towards the table Paula fell over, Kumatora had an evil grin as she thought of all the evil things she was gonna do to Paula soon. She checked on Paula, then...

"PK FIRE!" Paula said, throwing some flames into her eyes. Kumatora was on the ground, rubbing her eyes and Paula laughed. She ran over to Kumatora and grabbed her by her jacket...

"PK THUNDER!" Kumatora yelled, shocking Paula's back. This knocks her down. Kumatora could've ended Paula right there, but Kumatora was hurt too. She ventured further in the library to try and escape Paula. So, she found a staircase leading to the roof. She very, very slowly climbed it. As soon as she opened the door to the roof...Paula was somehow there already and grabbed her by the neck. Kumatora knew it; she could've sworn she heard her yell "PK Teleport!". She tried to strangle her, but Kumatora was easily breaking out of her grasp. Kumatora was much stronger than Paula and as soon as she broke free...

She gave Paula a slap.
Then, Paula slapped back.
The two women started to exchange slaps, until Kumatora manages to catch Paula's wrist. She twisted her arm, grabbed her dress, and threw her down the stairs back into the library. Paula tumbled down the stairs screaming. Kumatora looked at her moments later when she finally reached flat ground.

Paula was now bleeding heavily.

"Respect your elders, kid! Heh, looks like I won another battle." Kumatora said. She turned around and breathed deeply into the fresh air after supposedly killing Paula. She laughed...until she looked at the library staircase.

Paula was now gone from her resting place.

"Damn, this always happens to me! I should've kept my eyes on her!" Kumatora exclaimed. She looked around where Paula could possibly be hiding. "Come on, show yourself! Let's get this fight back on!"

"PK TELEPORT!" Paula yelled. Appearing from out of no where and coming in fast, Paula, who has alot of force, punches Kumatora. This knocked her out very effectively. Paula dragged her over the edge of the library and tossed her off the building. As soon as Kumatora hit the ground, Kumatora woke up and was in a large amount of pain. She tried to get up, but was curb-stomped by Paula. Kumatora was bleeding heavily from her mouth now, specifically from her front teeth due to the stomp. Paula was ready to finish Kumatora off.

"Wait...Please..." Kumatora begged, worrying about her life.

"PK THUNDER!" Paula yelled, pointing at Kumatora and not listening to her...

"PK FREEZE!" Kumatora yelled, dodging PK thunder very slightly...

Paula was completely frozen now. She was trapped and helpless inside of a block of ice. Kumatora grinned.


A few moments later, Kumatora walked away from Paula's shattered and broken corpse, laughing. However, she realized before Paula died, she contacted her friends to help and destroy Mother 3. This was when Kumatora knew her friends were now in danger; she was the one who had declared war upon EarthBound...



Meanwhile, at Club Titiboo, the Runaway Five were performing for a live audience. One kid, who was wearing a tuxedo and glasses, was backstage, managing the lights and pyrotechnics. However, one man in the audience stood out in particular. The man wore red pants and had a blue shirt...and he was boo'ing the Runaway Five while everyone else was cheering. Everyone was trying to get the man in blue to shut up, but to no avail.

"YOU GUYS SUCK...YOU GUYS ******* SUCK!" The man in blue yelled. Everyone was getting angry at this man, including the Runaway Five themselves, who stopped performing because of this man.

"Can someone throw this idiot out of here?" A member of the Runaway Five asked. Everyone started laughing.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO BAD, YOU MAKE BRITTANY SPEARS SOUND LIKE A GOOD SINGER!" The man in blue yelled. Listening to the entire conversation in the back, the man in the tuxedo flipped some switches.

"Oh hell no, he went too far now. Gonna light this man up." The guy in the tuxedo said, pressing a button.

"JEFF, DON'T PRESS THAT!" Some backstage officials yelled. Fireworks were sprayed onto the blue-shirted man's face.

TO BE CONTINUED: Jeff vs Duster
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  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,253 Fabled
    Very well written. I like it
  • FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,963 Exalted
    OBJECTION! In Mother 2 AKA EarthBound, Paula never leans either PK Teleport α or PK Teleport β. What, are we to believe Paula can suddenly learn non-canon psychic techniques?

  • EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,665 Lieutenant
    @Fluttershyisbestpony Yeah?
    •Jeff doesn't either. In fact, he doesn't even have PSI, yet he teleports with the crew.
    •Ness didn't learn PK starstorm, neither did Lucas. Yet they use it in Smash.
    •You're not Battletouch, foo!
    pb3ln.gifChris Jericho is a decent and honorable man tumblr_lvh4xdT4vJ1qmt85zo1_500.gifwario.gif
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,253 Fabled

    Don't rush to conclusions now, Mr. Patrick.

    It seems likely that those who teleport with people such as Ness and Poo are able to tag along by being with them. We might be able to say that is possible to holding on to someone such as Ness?

    We may also assume that it is the power of the Smash Ball that allows Ness and Lucas to use the power of PK Starstorm.
  • EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,665 Lieutenant
    @Wilpower784 Didn't the trophy say Poo/Kumatora taught them how to use PK Starstorm? Lets just assume Ness taught Paula how to use certain PSI powers. Also stfu you're not Battletouch
    pb3ln.gifChris Jericho is a decent and honorable man tumblr_lvh4xdT4vJ1qmt85zo1_500.gifwario.gif
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,253 Fabled


    Battletouch's legacy continues to linger within the heart of the forum. While I may not be BattleTouch, I most certainly can carry on his legacy.
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