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  • ViPHeXViPHeX Member Posts: 255 Recruit
    Who even Goddam cares
  • Deathrow314Deathrow314 Member Posts: 106 Recruit
  • SILONNESILONNE Member Posts: 1,410 Sergeant
    smh who cares...sorry, but who does?

    mmmmmmm Brokenfield4
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,080 Underlord 2016
    Originally they were called "Sneaky DL Kitty" then i found them called "DL Kity" (funnily enough to prove they were fake i asked "hey kitty what's your kik" the rep,y being "got to go" ) yet yesterday (the day after i saw DL Kity) i saw "AL Soul" and mentioned how it wasn't AL but AI not a lower case L however they deicded to put it as lower case L now look at these I l one of those was an i and one was an L that's how it goes once again i beat them but don't worry we all know who they are becuase icons and normal info.
  • ViPHeXViPHeX Member Posts: 255 Recruit
    @SILONNE i'm not even sorry
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