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Battle Bears + The House of The dead. NYCO ART #2

NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
edited August 2017 in Creative
Behold! Another NYCO art thread but wait! It's Battle Bears related with a mix of a classic arcade game called "The House of the Dead". NYCO whould spend a crap ton of money just to get the best high scores. Now scroll down to see a bunch of doodles NYCO just left around on this thread.

House of the Dead 3

Astoria as Lisa Rogan
"When a lady says no, she means it"

Had some fun with his one... uhh... just a quick doodle. But hey shotgun!

"So who's next"
Graham as Agent G
G looks pretty old and Graham looks good with a tie. So I put these two together.

"I've spent the last 19 years watching this evil grow."
Oliver as Daniel Curien
Oliver whould have been a character named Thomas Rogan, but I chose Daniel because I thought it whould be cool to see Astoria and Oliver shooting Riggs.

"The world is overpopulated, even you must relize that."
Riggs as Wheel of Fate.
Riggs is a white bear and Wheel of Fate is a hunky metalic creation. So Riggs makes a good combination with the Wheel of Fate.

The House of The Dead 4

"*Chainsaw noises*"
B1000 as The Empress
Robotic look and glowing red eyes. And hey, B1000 has arms welding Shame Saws!

"Ribbit, Ribbit"
Wil as Temprance
Wil had too many batteritos and became a diabolic giant RoadHog... only more green. Wil had too many Batterito's and is now gonna roll over you

"Come, you must prove youself in a test of strength. This was Goldman's parting wish..."
Botch as The Star
I just though Botch whould be extremely handsome in a red trench coat.

The House of the dead 4 Special
"Now you shall have a taste of the pain that I have endured."
This one was fun. Rho as the final boss in multiple House of the Dead games.

So what do you think of these doodles?
Which ones is your favorite?
Think I should Do more with other characters?
"Lupin III is fabulous!" [Not.Your.Common.Opponent.] 2/25/16


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