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Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
edited June 2016 in Community
Hi, everyone.

If you've been here for the past two weeks or so, you may have noticed that we have put up a Community Survey for members of this Forum to fill out. We posted it on June 9th, and now, as of the final day, June 17th, the survey has gotten a grand total of 45 responses from the community. That's quite a lot considering how inactive this Forum might be at times, so we consider that quite the accomplishment! We'd like to thank everyone who participated!

For those unaware, the survey was split into two sections: Battle Bears and how it's being handled by SkyVu Entertainment, and the state of the community and Moderation Team. It was mainly created to generate feedback for both SkyVu and the Moderation Team to look over and keep in mind for the future, as we were sure that the survey would allow members to fully express themselves in ways that they haven't yet before, and we were quite pleasantly surprised by the responses we got.

And so, here today are the final results of the survey. We hope that this gives everyone an understanding of how others feel about certain aspects both publicly and anonymously.

Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

Multiple Choice Answers

Text Responses:
Section 2: The state of the Community and the Forum Moderation Team

Multiple Choice Answers

Text Responses:

Additionally, I will summon all of the currently active Moderators and SkyVu members so they can read over this thread and the results as soon as it is posted, due to its incredible importance in terms of feedback.



  • InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
    edited June 2016
    Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

    Text Responses
    If you were able to change SkyVu Entertainment in any way, what would you do?

    Response from @AbsoluteZero
    • "I would change the way the company interacts with the community, encouraging it to happen more often. Additionally, the interactions wouldn't solely consists of begging for good ratings, which is pretty much how it comes off right now. I don't know enough about the interior workings of SkyVu to give a thought out answer regarding the actual company itself, however, with the Glassdoor reviews in mind (even though they are old) keeping a friendly, honest, and productive workplace environment should be the highest priority."
    Response from @CaptainPatrick
    • "Fix the bugs and hire people that have experience in the gaming business. The company needs help more than ever. I'd also take my time on projects, SkyVu has been rushing a lot recently. They've changed way too many things and some of them were pointless (BBPro to BBUltimate) and could've stayed when they could've still been improved."
    Response from @Wilpower784
    • "I would shift focus from being a mobile-game company to a company that handles more advanced consoles/handhelds. Whether that be PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. Most likely PC. Of course, I may still produce mobile games from time to time."
    Response from @Moxie
    • "Please give the forum proper moderation. Communicate with your fans more (like rn) and quality, not quantity."
    Response from @Oops_killed_ya
    • "Employ people/person to involve themselves with the forum community, Discord, and BBO chat."
    Response from @Bathory
    • "Higher quality, friendly service."
    Response from @Clinkzbone
    • "I have not enough information to answer this question in a deeper sense, but I do wish they would interact with the community more."
    Response from @Soo__hey
    • "I would change their interaction with the community as a whole."
    Response from @Mudssun
    • "Maybe a little bit more transparency regarding employees?"
    Response from @NYCO
    • "Keep up with the current demand and look at other peoples opinions to keep Sky Vu games enjoyable as possible."
    Response from @Ultimate_Bear
    • "Be more involved with my co workers, and ease up a bit."
    Response from @Snowfu
    • "Keep it as it is, honestly. SkyVu has the potential to do a lot of things, only it's channeled into... lesser projects."
    Response from @eXTCyLovesYou
    • "Give them money to make great games again."
    Response from @CB
    • "Be yourself but improve it, improve the quality of ur game (Remember when BBG first introduced to android, 1000000 downloads in a short period of time)"
    Response from @Wraith
    • "I would volunteer to give them ideas about Battle Bears."
    Response from @Lily_20
    • "Bring all the games back."
    Response from Aynun E Musse
    • "I would allow for more licensing opportunities or maybe try to use a crowd funding service (such as Go Fund me,kickstarter, etc.) to try to make the TV series that was cancelled a few years ago. I mean the Battle Bears series has the potential to attract a lot of people with its colorful landscapes and fun storyline. The potential of this and the merchandising may grow BB's popularity. I would also try to make some storyline game that would really explain who and how Botch, Saberi came and how Sanchez survived the plane crash. Another thing I would do if I was SkyVu would be to create a clan/match site like Fluttershyisbestpony did. It really launched a lot of the BBG pros you see around and it strengthened what really make BBR and BBG worth it: the community. I would try to fix the bugs in BBG and BBO and I would try to listen more to the fan suggestions (from reputable people in the community who have a established reputation) and before doing something as major as an overhaul, I would consult with some forumers or at least a focus group to test out the changes."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Make sure that there is a good variety of staff in all sectors, including PR and a subcategory of programming that knows how to work with BBG's code so as not to place too much attention on BBO when both games are relatively similar in terms of their popularity. Perhaps consider hiring specialists in order to branch the BB franchise into other media, or think about a new franchise."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "More communication on social media and with their audience. Increase interaction with their fanbase whether it is through livestreams, hosting tournaments, etc."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Be more open as to why certain events happen, be more straightforward."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Fix the **** story games, it's bad enough that you can't hear the music or sign into SVNetwork on BBØ anymore."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Go back to the way it was. Jeezus."
  • InstableGriffInstableGriff Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,342 Sergeant
    Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

    Text Responses
    If you were suddenly in charge of everything relating to Battle Bears Overclock including balancing and features, what would you do to it?

    Response from @AbsoluteZero
    • "I have already stated what I believe to be some of Overclock's major problems (many of them have to do with how the game is treated by SkyVu), however, to some extent there are gameplay issues as well. For the most part, most players in the community greatly preferred Ultimate's gameplay. The lesson to learn here is that Ultimate was in fact a solid game, but failed solely because of its terrible release. Communication with the community about what they liked about Ultimate, and efforts to bring those things back would be important. Clan support is also absolutely important and overdue. Balancing changes are also needed. Overclock is still a good game, and there are certainly things about it that are better than Ultimate. However, it could use improvement."
    Response from @Soo__hey
    • "I would remove auto aim. I understand why it was implemented to a certain extent. I believe auto aim was implemented so that the players could focus on the abilities and less on their aim. But I fell like that is a step in the wrong direction for a shooter game. Overwatch is much like BBO, but it mixes the players' individual aiming skills with using their abilities. None of the BBO abilities have synergies with other abilities. By making these abilities work well with other abilities, I feel like it could be a much better game."
    Response from @CB
    • "Put the old content back (except the feature that allow everyone to use any weapons) like huggable generator, daily mission, loot box system, special items that requires dog tag stuff and those elemental weapons, maybe turn it into a MOBA/fps games thanks to the new class system."
    Response from @NYCO
    • "Consider nerfs that many people think need to happen. Re-release some of the old stuff like old maps, color weapons, taunts, and in battle communication so that the game has much more content and please the old fans of BBU."
    Response from @Snowfu
    • "The features aren't too complicated, however the graphics are what really get to me. I've only noticed BBO to accessible on few recent models of devices."
    Response from @Wilpower784
    • "I would bring back the Japanese voices for Overclocks and add the option to turn off the Announcer or change the Announcer."
    Response from @smtony
    • "I would change the health and speed system to its original state from Battle Bears Ultimate... that's it."
    Response from @Ultimate_Bear
    • "Nerf the two most op weapons, and as colors to the weapons that cost 2,500 gold."
    Response from @Bathory
    • "Improve it, make it more fun."
    Response from @MR329
    • "I would nerf the steampunk SMG and add more weapons and classes."
    Response from @eXTCyLovesYou
    • "Remove all of the duplicate weapons, get rid of overclocks, and only have 1 ability."
    Response from @Clinkzbone
    • "Add in the things that were in BBU but are now for some reason missing from BBO. Improve netcode."
    Response from @Oops_killed_ya
    • "1. Nerf SP SMG, 2. Buff Oliver OCO by enabling him to move while using OCO, and 3. Nerf OCO Riggs"
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Slightly nerf Steampunk Pistol, Steampunk Sniper, Steampunk SMG. Increase the AOE of TIllman's Overclock. Modify the regen system where if you are hit, regen is delayed for .5 - 1 second to counter users who emphasize on high regen/high armor setups. Rework augments to prevent one shot kill. Increase the reload time for certain abilities such as Graham's Turret, and Astoria's Healing Grenade. As for features, introduce a clan system similar to the one in BBU, a single/coop campaign, a weapon testing room. Fix the crashing issues."
    Response from an Aynun E Musse
    • "I would try to put in something that drew the BBG players to BBO: the promise of free weapons and other things. I would also try to make the name stick, not turning it into the weird name thingy that was BBU, BBP, BBU (it got renamed back again), then to BBT, then to BBO. That really confused a lot of people. Now,they think that this "New" release is just a renaming stunt like the past 3 or 2 renamings that were basically somewhat the same that really didn't draw attention."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Bring back the other good elements from BBU including the social system with friends, messaging and clans, the 3 missing weapons, the daily challenge mode instead of daily missions, and a competitive ladder with prizes to encourage a longer popularity."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "I would fix the mail bug and optimize the game for iPhone 5 and making it less of a battery drainer."
  • Hug_of_WarHug_of_War Member Posts: 1,276 Sergeant
    Holy ****

    Nice Work Griff. Props to you. Hopefully, Skyvu reads through this and takes a decision.
    It seems to me that Bug Fixing is a big one which is a big priority especially with the launch of BBO.
    It, also, seems as the vast majority wants a storyline game.
  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    @Caststarman no hard feelings or anything
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    I'm not entirely sure I agree with myself on some of the things I said up there. The "feeling" thing is an idea that doesn't make sense in words.
  • eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
    what kills it though is that you can't just make a single player game with cinematics and decent writing and expansive gameplay on a small budget. It's a big undertaking and under a completely different skillset than making a multiplayer FPS.

    If there were webcomics based on the battle bears I would read them. I love Wil, Riggs, and Oliver, fun characters.
  • eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
    two cans of lemonade on my end,

    Proud of you my boy.
    cans of lemonade is what fueled my forum guides. <3

  • CaststarmanCaststarman Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 11,969 Overlord
    Glad everybody could be completely honest with this. Also realized that I forgot to do this survey, lol.

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    <img src=""; />
  • King_Of_DOOOMKing_Of_DOOOM Member Posts: 57 Recruit
    I did the survey but my reply is not here, probably because I did it on my phone
  • smtonysmtony Member Posts: 495 Recruit
    I really hope they will understand from this...
    Now on to the story...
  • AdixionAdixion Member Posts: 359 Recruit
  • FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,963 Exalted
    Shoot, I think I forgot to submit mine. :P Thanks so much for all your hard work compiling all this info, Griff!
  • PsychePsyche Member Posts: 4,200 Exalted
    I know I'm not so active, even lurk-wise, but it is genuinely interesting to see which opinions and suggestions I share with others and which are off the beaten track.
    Looking at these results, there are quite a few things SkyVu simply needs to do now. There's a lot for them to take in, but they need to heed in order to succeed.
  • SpaceSheepSpaceSheep Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 995 Corporal
    @InstableGriff wow can't believe you wrote everything. #respect
    charizard, i choose you!
  • terminaterterminater Member Posts: 250 Recruit
    Was i supposed to read all of that
  • TheUnknownGirlTheUnknownGirl Member Posts: 2 Recruit
    SkyVu_Trang OverClock(Beattle Bears Overclock)

    I love the game OverClock (Beattle Bears Overclock) and i would like to be a moderator ... If I'm a moderator, I would definitely ensure a good chat (A good game). Thank you. :)
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