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Battle Bears V Forumers [The Great New Change]

MaRvelousJuiceMaRvelousJuice Member Posts: 3,403 Noble
(I know I said I was going to ditch this place forever, but like.... I'm bad w/ promises so... ye)

THIS IS A COMPLETE REFRESH OF THE LAST ONE (If any of you still remember that) The previous story has been scrapped by because it was unorganized. This is a complete refresh. If you want to find out how the last story ended, then you make your own ending.

We start off our story in the battle bears base from BB0. It is completely secured by all battle bears and is fixed up after the events of Battle Bears Zero. All battle bears live there and do daily duties to help keep the base secured. The base is surrounded by the huggable forest as seen in BB0. SkyVu_Ben is going to announce something major.

*Oliver wakes up feeling normal.*
Oliver: *Breath in* ... *breath out*
*Oliver gets up from the bed and bumps his head against something*
Oliver: Ah! Stupid Bunkbeds...
*Oliver looks straight forward and sees Riggs quietly sleeping on his bunk bed. Above him was Sanchez, and above Oliver was,*
Wil: Oliver! You're awake!
Oliver: Oh, wha- y-yeah. I'm awake.
Wil: What time is it?!
Oliver: Uhhh...
*Oliver looks around the room and to his surprise, they don't have a clock anywhere.*
Oliver: My guess it's Morning.
WIl: Oh cool! That means breakfast is ready!
Oliver: Wil, you do know breakfast is always ready when you wake up right?
Wil: I don't always wake up in the morning Oliver.
Oliver: What do you mean you don't always wake up in the mor-
Wil: No time for chitchat! We have to go feed our stomachs!
*Wil jumps off from his bed, lands on the floor in front of Oliver and speed walks out of the room.*
*Oliver then gets up but hits his head against the bunk bed, again.*
Oliver: Stupid Bunk beds!
*Oliver finally gets up and leaves the room, rubbing his head as he walks.*

The Cafeteria
*Oliver is sitting across Wil eating breakfast on a table. No other battle bears sits with them.*
Oliver: So Wil... what happened to Abbi?
Wil: Oh, Graham took her in his lab to do some repairing I guess. I don't really know. *Wil leans in towards Oliver and whispers,*I don't think Graham Likes me...
Oliver: Same.
*Wil sits back in his chair.*
WIl: OH! Oliver, what do you think Bens gonna say today?!?! Heard it had to do something with new weapons!!!
Oliver: Wait, the announcement is TODAY?!
Wil: Yeah! How could you forget?!
Oliver: Oh wow...
Wil: So, what do you think he's going to say?
Oliver: I don't know... maybe something about new battle bears?
Wil: Maybe even Humans...
*Oliver chuckles*
Oliver: Wil, humans can't do what we do. They're too soft and, fleshy. They're more... behind the scenes kind of people.
WIl: What do you mean?
Oliver: Well, like, we battle bears are the ones who fight and are doing all the main things. Humans are the people who make all these tech stuff and decide what we should do.
Wil: But what about Graham? He likes machines and stuff, why can't there be a human who likes battling and...stuff?
Oliver: Ehhh... I don't know. Maybe humans becoming battlers isn't an impossible idea...
Astoria: Did I just here, "humans becoming battlers?"
*Astoria was walking by Oliver and Wil when she heard the two talking.*
Oliver: Astoria!! G-good Morning!
*Astoria sits down next to Oliver carrying her breakfast. Oliver becomes red and nervous.*
Astoria: What are you guys talking about?
Wil: We're just thinking what Ben is going to say today.
Astoria: Aaand you guys decided Ben's going to announce Human Battlers?
Wil: Yeah
Astoria: Well that idea is stupid, *Astoria turns her head at Oliver* Right Oliver?
Oliver: O-wha-Yeah! Yeah, totally...
*Wil just glances at Oliver*
*Astoria looks out a window and at the walls protecting the Battle Bears Base from Huggables.*
Astoria: We should probably upgrade those walls. They're not capable of handling a bearzerker or rouge B-1000s.
*Wil looks at Astoria*
Wil: Rouge B-1000s?!
Astoria: Yeah, a couple of B-1000 prototypes escaped a few weeks ago. Graham described them as savages whos only goal is to kill.
Wil: Ohh...
Astoria: They're really dangerous.
*Oliver nervously speaks*
Oliver: What do they have equipped...?
*Astoria looks over at Oliver. He just moves his head back a little.*
Astoria: Well, they have the standard Bearrail guns like all B-1000s do, they have grenaders for back up primaries, and only an energy shield for their backpack.
Oliver: That's it?
Astoria: Seems easy to kill, but give those weapons to something that wont hesitate to murder you and you have a problem.
Wil: How many escaped?
Astoria: Ehhh, around 10 to 20 of them escaped.
Oliver: Hold on, why did they leave?
Astoria: How am I supposed to know that? If you really want to find out, go ask Graham or Saberi. They're the ones who create those kind of things.
Oliver: Uhh, alright...
*There's an awkward silence for a moment.*
Astoria: Hmmm... *Astoria looks up at a clock. It's 8:34am.*
Astoria: Well, I have Bird's Nest Duty at nine. I should go get ready.
Wil: But you didn't even eat breakfast!
Astoria: Eat it for me. *Astoria gives Wil her plate and stands up.*
Astoria: Well, it's been nice talking to you two. See you guys again during the announcement. Bye.
*Astoria turns around and leaves.*
Oliver: Bye Astoria!
*Wil giggles and looks at Oliver.*
Wil: Hah! You're still in love with Astoria!
Oliver: What?! No I'm not.
Wil: It's okay to express your love Oliver, just look at me and my wonderful girlfriend, FOOD!
*Wil begins eating Astoria's food.*
Wil: She ordered the honey glazed pancakes!

Oliver is currently on Wall Security Duty with Sanchez, 2 hours after his breakfast with Wil and Astoria.

*Oliver is casually walking along the perimeters of the Wall which protects the battle Bears from Huggables and other threats.*
*Oliver whispers to himself*
Oliver: Look at me, protecting the thing that protects me...! God, this job is so boring... *Oliver kicks a pebble.*
Oliver: Nothing ever happens.
*Oliver just looks at the many other battle bears, all doing their jobs. Some are taking down supplies from helicopters, testing out new guns Saberi invented, practicing hand-to-hand combat with each other.*
Oliver: They get to do all the fun things while I walk next to this stupid wall with... Sanchez.
*Oliver looks around for Sanchez.*
Oliver: .....
*Oliver sees Sanchez trying out a new weapon.*
Oliver: WHAT?! He's not supposed to be doing that!
*Oliver starts running towards Sanchez to confront him. He gets to Sanchez.*
Oliver: SANCHEZ?! What are you doing?!
*Sanchez grins and looks at Oliver.*
Sanchez: Testing out this cool pistol.
*Sanchez Hands Oliver the pistol.*
Sanchez: get this, it shoots bullets that HOME IN to your target! Sick right?
Oliver: Does it really?
Sanchez: See for yourself. Aim at the B-200.
Oliver: Alright...
*Oliver looks down the iron sight on the pistol, aims at the head of the B-200, and gets ready to fire when it starts to run around the firing range.*
Oliver: Crap, now I actually have to try.
Sanchez: uhh, heh, no, not with these bullets you don't.
Oliver: How are the bullets going to know where to go?
Sanchez: Oh yeah, try to have a solid aim on your target when you fire. The Bullet does the rest.
Oliver: Okay
*Oliver aims again at the B-200, waiting for the right moment to shoot. The B-200 runs all over the field, when it runs into a corner. Oliver quickly shoots. and at the same time the B-200 darts across the firing range!*
Oliver: Well, I missed.
Sanchez: No no, hold on a moment.
*Sanchez looks at the B-200 and Oliver does the same when it spontaneously falls to the floor.*
Sanchez: HAHA! See! I told you the bullets home in!
*Oliver just smiles.*
Oliver: Yeah, that was cool, but we should head back to our duty.
Sanchez: Yeah, you're right. Ugh, I really hate this job. All we do is walk for 2 hours.
Oliver: I know right!
*At that moment, an announcement starts.*
Oliver: Yes! We get out of the jobs!
Sanchez: Psh, who cares if we get out of duty, I'm more excited about the SkyVu Announcement!
*Sanchez pats Oliver's back.*
Sanchez: Come on, lets go!

The Cafeteria
*All the battle bears were sitting in the cafeteria, all facing a giant screen at the back of the room. Oliver sat next to Wil and Sanchez.*
*The Screen flashed, and Ben's Face appeared.*
SkyVu_Ben: Hello Battle Bears.
*Sanchez starts lightly hitting Oliver in excitement and then whispers to him.*
Sanchez: It's BEN!
Oliver: Yeah...
SkyVu_Ben: I have important information for all of you. I have decided that there should be an Elite Squad of Battle Bears that will take on Missions only the best can handle.
*There's a slight gasp in the room*
SkyVu_Ben: The following bears will join the first version of the Elite Group. I will ann-
*Wil jumps off his seat with his hands in the air.*
*Wil begins dancing infront of everyone.*
Oliver: Wil! He didn't say your name! He said Will, with TWO L's!
*Wil looks down at Oliver, then at everyone in the room, and finally at Ben who just stared at Wil.*
*Wil quickly says,*
WIl: I'm sorry.
*He sits back down and puts his head down.*
SkyVu_Ben: Anyways, I will announce the name of the bear joining the Elite Group and then the reason why they're joining. Alright, here are the Bears joining the group. Riggs, for showing amazing leadership in the hardest of times and once killing the Necromancer.
*People clapped. Riggs only grinned.*
SkyVu_Ben: Graham, for showing amazing talent in the field of technology advancement and creating the B bear project allowing more protection to his fellow battle bears.
*Oliver whispers*
Oliver: Huh, the old guy made it...
SkyVu_Ben: Next is Saberi for being one of the best gun creators out there and helping Graham with the B Bear project.
*Saberi can be heard shouting in happiness*
Saberi: YEAH! I made it! Thank you Ben!
*Ben just smiles at her and nods his head.*
*Ben goes on announcing the names of the members for the Battle Bears. He picks Astoria, Sanchez, Tillman, even Botch.*
SkyVu_Ben: Alright there are 2 more names on this list. The first one, is Oliver,
*The moment Oliver heard his name, it felt like time froze. He felt a swarm of happiness rush through his entire body.*
SkyVu_Ben: for being able to hold his ground while the Necromancer's huggable army came his way. Oliver single handily took down major threats such as the Colbear and Marecraft Carrier and withstood fighting against the Necromancer's undead army.
*Wil pats Oliver congratulating him, bu then whispers to him.*
WIl: Oliver, if you got picked for that, shouldn't I get picked for beating Rho and like, taking back the base?!
Oliver: Well Wil, all you can do is hope that Ben calls your name next.
Wil: Alright...
*Wil begins to pray to Glob.*
Wil: Oh please dear Glob in the sky, please let my name be called next, PLEASE almighty Glob, listen to my call!
SkyVu_Ben: The Next and finale Bear Doing the Elite Group-
Wil: Please Glob, Please Glob, Please Glob,
SkyVu_Ben: is Wil-
*Wil almost jumps out of his chair and screams, but Oliver holds him down and covers his Mouth with his hand.*
SkyVu_Ben: for being able to take back the Battle Bear Base from Rho and surviving all on his own. Without him, Rho could've taken control of the ship and leave you bears stranded on this huggable planet.
*Wil gets out of Oliver's hold on him and shout whispers to Oliver*
SkyVu_Ben: Okay, Now one more major Announcement before I leave.
*Everyone looks straight at Ben wondering what the finale announcement will be.*
SkyVu_Ben: For the Elite Group, I am including some of my personal recommendations for the Group. The operation on the huggable planet is so far, disastrous, so I thought I should bring some of my other specialists to help out you guys, mainly the elite group.
Oliver: Oh wha...
SkyVu_Ben: They will be arriving tonight on the roof. Only Elite Battle Bears are allowed to visit the Specialist on the roof today. You all figure out the rest. Alright, good bye Battle Bears, good luck with your mission.
*The screen faded to black. The announcement is over.*
*Riggs stands up from his seat.*
Riggs: All Elite Bears head to the roof.
*Riggs starts heading towards the roof. Oliver starts walking with Wil.*
Oliver: Riggs is already trying to take control of the group.
Wil: I wonder how the new guys are gonna look like.
Oliver: Uh, bears obviously.
Wil: Well, not all planet missions are run by Bears, some of them have humans... like mission earth.
Oliver: You really think a human could battle swarms of huggables like we do?!
Wil: Yeah, I do.
Oliver: Hm.

The Roof.
*All the new Elite battle Bears were on the roof with each other.*
Sanchez: Who's going to tell us what to do? Like, what operations we go on?
Riggs: Me.
Astoria: Uhh, no.
Riggs: Why Not? Don't trust me or something?
Astoria: Yeah I don't trust you!
Riggs: And why is that?
Astoria: Because the last time I did something you told me to do I ended up IN A CLOUD CITY! (BBF reference...)
Riggs: Eh.
*Astoria just turns her back on Riggs.*
Sanchez: Anyways... Riggs she has a point. You can't just become the leader just because you said so. We should vote on it.
Riggs: Vote?
Sanchez: That is what I said right?
Riggs: ...
*Sanchez looks over at the rest of the Elites.*
Sanchez: Raise your hand if you want Riggs to be the leader.
*There's a silence for a brief moment with nobody doing anything.*
Saberi: Shouldn't we wait for the new guys to get over here before we start picking roles? What if one of em is a great leader?
Sanchez: Good Point. We wait until the new members get here. Until then, what should we do?
*Nobody says anything for a moment.*
Astoria: I'm going to practice my sniping on some birds.
Saberi: Oooh! Can I come with?!
*Astoria looks back at Saberi.*
Astoria: Know how to use a Viper Rifle?
Saberi: Sugar, I INVENTED that gun!
*Astoria makes a gesture symbolizing Saberi to come with her. Saberi starts following Astoria.*
Sanchez: Well then. It's just us guys now.
Wil: Wait, Botch is a guy?!
*Everyone just looks at Wil, except for botch who just remained hovering over the floor.*
Oliver: Of course Botch is a guy.... *Oliver looks over at Botch* right...?
*Sanchez looks at Oliver unsure.*
Sanchez: Oliver, Botch is 100% a g-.....
Sanchez: Botch, you are a guy right?
Botch: I don't know what gender I am right now.
Sanchez: Right now...?!
Botch: Heeheehee..!
Sanchez: What's so funny?
Botch: All you need to know about me is that I'm able to see everything that was, is, and will.
*Everyone is just confused. Graham looks at Botch and rubs his chin.*
Graham: Botch come to my lab after this. I want to test things.
Botch: Okay.
*It's silent again.*

*Continues in comments*



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