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~Imperial Exterminators~ [IX]/[9] Clan v2 !

EnvisionaryEnvisionary Member Posts: 377 Recruit
edited August 2016 in Clan Talk
Imperial Exterminators, or [IX] if you will, was a clan made about 1 year ago and was very successful. It had many members and was really strong. Sadly it died when the leader, BR-1000, became more inactive than usual. Slowly, [IX] died. But never completely. It has been healed and brought back up to rise again in the BBG community !
Special thanks to @BR-1000 for creating this clan in the beginning (: & Special thanks to @Catalyst for helping make this clan make a comeback (:
Roster for IX

Leader: @Catalyst (If BR comes back, he will get leader immediately)



Members without a forums account:
Jesus Romero

How to join:
1.) No stacking Damage or Explosions
2.) Must be active
3.) No abusing glitches for kills
4.) We promise there is no skill level requirement. But please place a screenshot of your home screen in the comments (:
*Sidenote - No tests are needed for joining*
If you have a Kik and would like to join from there, please contact these members:

1.) darcyisthename (Catalyst)

2.) TheeEnvisionaryy (Envisionary)

3.) taowtive (Taow)

We pledge to keep this clan alive and active as long as possible (: We can't do it without you (:


Any questions or comments ? Comment below ;P If you would like to join, please follow any of the directions of the ways in which you can join (: !

Thank you from the members of Imperial Exterminators (:


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