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Unofficial Tournament!

Ultimate_BearUltimate_Bear Member Posts: 992 Underlord 2016
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Hey guys it's Ragde875 aka S8 Dr.Seus. I'm here to hold a tournament for BBO! Anyways kik Ragde875 or Oops_killed_ya if you guys would like to join. Otherwise, just send me a forum message that says you want to join.


Bracket Deadline
Round 1 Deadline: 4/10
Round 2 Deadline: 4/17

I'm holding the tournament 'Swiss Style' which means you can't be eliminated. Everyone is going to play against 7* opponents that have the same amount of wins or losses this tournament. At the end, the winner(s) will be decided by who has the most points. A win is worth 1 point, a draw is worth half a point, and a loss is worth 0. The points are recorded next to the participants name's along with the amount of rounds they have played. I will also write the current matchups once the tourney gets rolling here. PM me on kik or the forums of the results of your games.

*Number of matches is subject to change without notice.

You and your opponent will agree on the map.
I'll only record the results if both participants notify me of the results OR send a screen shot OR someone trustworthy has spectated the match.
You are not allowed to use the same character for two matches in a row. Alternating between 2 characters is allowed.
A seven day time limit will be given for you and your partner to report your results via Kik or forums in order to keep the tournament going along or else you and your partner will be disqualified.
No glitches of any kind allowed.

Forbidden Weapons
These weapons have been banished from the tournament and will result in a disqualification if used.

Electric Honey
Future Sniper Rifle
Barf Bag (Starting round 2)
SP SMG (Starting round 2)

Current Participants
BH nein
BSM Keigen
Super Biscuit
Teddy Rxpin
@UGM_Destroyer aka @UGMDestroyer

Edited by: @Ragde875 and @Oops_killed_ya



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