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BlackStars Revolution! (BBO)

massengrabmassengrab Member Posts: 22 Recruit
edited December 2017 in Clan Talk

"Less leaders, more fun!"

Members in alphabetical order:
BSR Angerr
BSR AnionX
BSR Bandwurm
BSR Cogent (Chase This Light)
BSR Cyanblitz (Whack n dab)
BSR Darkces
BSR Dynamic
BSR Ghostassassin
BSR GOAT (Keigen)
BSR goodkush
BSR H1br1d
BSR iSumerdude
BSR Justpro
BSR Kira (DeltaArceus)
BSR massengrab (BlackStar)
BSR Mystique
BSR Nightlock429
BSR Novation
BSR OrioN (Dynamix)
BSR Paragon (NutellaTubby)
BSR Prøwler
BSR Roxxy
BSR Senjû (Ermite)
BSR Shana
BSR SnapPlay
BSR SonicBang
BSR Teddy Rxpin
BSR Tequilaz
BSR Vapor
If you see me coming, run as fast as you can.


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