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Mafia Bears [MB] *RECRUITING* (Soon to be dead!) We like taunts!

NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
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General Info:

Clan status: Alive but pretty inactive.
But does not mean it'll become active again.

Welcome to Goldman's building where everything will try to slice and dice you or eat your brains!

Oops... wrong place, this is Mafia Bears

Anyways it looks like you hit the link for the Mafia Bears clan because you must be very curious. In Mafia Bears, I NYCO "The big boss" Is the leader of this clan. When you join the Mafia Bears, we'll (When more people join) be primarily playing games like Battle Bears Gold and Battle Bears Overclock. But that doesn't mean we can't play Smash bros, Splatoon, or something like that. This clan are for those who want to gain glory, wanna git gud, wanna git gud with a NYCO set, or just wanna have fun.
Before you join, make sure you read the rules and the ranks!

Stuff that we could do right now!:
1.Taunt parties: Taunt for the whole match! Join a public server and survive from the noobs!
2. Unidentified: Everyone has the same name, load out, and skin. (It's organized crime here!)
3. Git gud!: Help you git gud at anything you may need....probably.
4. Lupin III spam: You tell NYCO to spam Lupin III on the chat.... He'll eventually stop.
5. Armour and Speed only!: Shows them noobs that damage stacking are for scrubs!
6. Glitch parties (Find some glitches... and never talk about it outsude! (Don't want the noobs to figure it out!))

Just join the family and ask me what you would like us to do for fun or what additions may be good!
If it seems really great we can do it.
I'm here to make this clan conferrable for everyone! :smiley:

1. No public accounts. (They are just gross)
2. Please no cheap sets (We may do them for fun, but overall no cheep sets because almost nobody likes them)
3. Keep it clean (No one likes dirty people and clans are better off when people are friendly and aren't posting gross things. Swearing is somewhat aloud, put please only use it for comedic purposes. If you get too dirty, I'll give you a warning. If you take it over the limits, Ill get rid of you. So please, be respectful)
4 . There are clan tags, but you don't have to wear it. (Those tags do take quite a lot of space.)
5 . Double clanning is aloud for all ranks. (It's good when people don't have to quit their clans to be the highest ranks.)


You are the associate if you don't join!

The member list is very inaccurate at the moment

Soldier [MB-S]:
A standard player who is somewhat experience or not expirienced at all! Everyone starts here. Anyone can be in this position.

@izkyler the first member.
@Wraith proud second member of the family!
@Catalyst cool guy of the family!
@DaGamer is a player here.
@xAbsol is a sneaky one?
@Dban1 The huggable lord!
@crocs stomps people... with conferrable shoes.
@Harlekin Har Har Harlekin!
@vinylscratch Has a scratch on his vinyl figure...
@King_Of_DOOOM Doomsday is just around the corner now...

Caporegimes [MB-C]:
A player with more experience, you guys can help practice with Soldier ranks when needed. I expect you to be a diamond rank and is able to beat or tie me with a class.

@B3AR is NYCO'S Radiation rival!

Under Boss [MB-U]:
A WarMachine and a very experience player (As in to be able to brutally kill me many times with a class). Your role is pretty important. You guys watch the clan, help train Caporegimes rankers, and do stuff whenever I'm not here. You guys can also help me join tourneys, clan wars and stuff.

Empty at the moment

Consigliere [MB-M]:
"M" for master. You are the one best player in the clan! If you can beat an under-boss in a 2 out of 3 1v1 game. You are the Consigliere! If an Under boss were to take your role. They'll have to beat you in a 2 out of 3 1v1 game. If you lose... You're an Under Boss, but don't worry. The Consigliere is just the title of the best player. The Consigliere is like an Under Boss and does whatever a Under boss does. If an Under Boss were to challenge you. You must accept it and plan within whenever is right. If you refuse or you're late. You lose the title and the guy who challenged you receives the rank, but don't worry, you can reclaim it by beating the guy who challenged you.

Empty at the moment

Big Boss [MB-B]:
That's me!! I'm the guy who moderates and watches the whole entire family! (Including the Consigliere and Under Boss). I keep the clan alive with everyone! I know I'm not the best player and I can think of a lot of people who can beat me, but the Boss just watches the clan and makes sure it's all clean. I'm here to make this clan as fun as possible, and also help you git gud too!

@NYCO the one and only.

I'm gonna only ONE chat areas.
That will be the Kik chat. I'm only using one chat group so it'll be easier to maintain and talk through.

When the clan gets big enough, maybe we'll do alliances and create a family!

Well that's all you need to know and yes... I'm not gonna spam Lupin stuff! (Maybe a little once in awhile) So join now and become part of the family by commenting below!

Total population: 12! (You can make it bigger though!)

I NYCO will try his best to keep this family alive, dying clans= Less fun, which is a bad thing... If NYCO seems dead, He's probably doing schoolwork.
"Lupin III is fabulous!" [Not.Your.Common.Opponent.] 2/25/16


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