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The despicable NYCO renames all of the Battle Bears Gold weapons. (Updated yet again!)

NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
edited February 2017 in BB GOLD
It first started with Finny the Bind-gun. This despicable weapon has caused the fabulous @NYCO to rename all of the super fabulous weapons of BBG! He'll bump this every time a new weapon shows up and also he'll likely use the new names on his new post from now on! So have fun and memorize all of the names he's gonna use from now on... mostly.

Soldier (Oliver):

A Salt Rifle= Salty
Heavy A Salt Rifle= Phat Salty
Soaker= Water hose
Urine trouble= Piss hose
Sci-Fi ASR= Sci-Fi Salty
Heavy Sci-Fi ASR= Phat Sci-Fi Salty
O.C.O. gauntlet= Force hand
MiniGun= Little man
Acreambo Pistol= Toothpaste

Bearzooka= Red Pipe launcher.
SpreadShot= Dreadshot (Was called like that in BB-1)
TNT Launcher= Gray pipe launcher
Rockette Launcher= Rocky pipe launcher
SteamShot= Steam bath
Sake Bomb= Alcoholic launcher.
Solar Wind Scar= Rho exterminator

B.E.A.R. Club= B.E.H.R Club (Basic. Elegant. Hitman. Rod.)
Krikkit Bat= Chricket on a stick
Queensbury Rules= U.C.A.B. (Useless.Child.Abuser.Bat.)
Disciplinarian Rod= C.A.B. (Child.Abuser.Bat.)
Kumakiri= Kuma Sword

Tank (Riggs):
BeeBeeGun= Battle Bee Gun
Electric Honey= Voltage Battle Bee Gun
Provolowed= Tear shed-er.
Field Medic= Man bullet.
Zombee gun= Rotten Man bullet
Big Iron= Big A## Revolver
Bounce Laser= The Emergency Gun
Flame Thrower= Coffee Machine

Hivey league= Dead Bee Shotgun
Plasma Orb= Fuzz Launcher
Mother of Nature= P.B.T.B (Plague.Berry.Tree.Bark.)
Freeze Blast= Invisible Projectile barrier ThingyMajig
Buzz Kill= The Fat Queen
Sucker Punch: Happy Gun

Barbed Gloves= Gloves that don't hurt much
Catastophe= Dead furry gloves
Blood spurt= Knife gloves
Sword and Stone= Life hack.
Huggable Gloves= Chocking Gloves
Zombee Gloves= Smelly Gloves

Huggable (Huggable):

Double Rainbow= Twin oil reflections.
So fly= RainBlow
Static Shuffle= Electron Charger
Losing Your Head= Air heads

Tough Love= Senpaiii!!!
Mini Me= Ant Man Formula
Super Size Me= Not Ant Man Formula!
Peek A Boo= Chameleon Skin
Phantom Hug= Imaginary Hugging Friend (Because no bear loves Huggables)
Charged Run: P.A.M.B. (Particle Accelerator Meta-Bear.)

Bite Me= The Bear Trap
SeaSaw= Shame saw
Wacktus= Huggy Bell
Presidentures= Tree Huggers
Punk Bands= Arm extenders
Bearattas= Anti Wil Guns.
Beaver Fever= Justin

Demolition (Tilman)

Dark Matter= Dank Matter
Light Matter= Rebel Matter
Big shot= Shark bombs
Gold Member= Goldilocks
Bouncing Betty= Betty Boom (Bloms wife (She's cheating))
Blast-O-Mole= Moldylocks
Twin Bearzookas= Twin Green Pipe Launchers
S'no Matter= Snob Matter

Fire Works= The July Savings
Piece Maker= Hippie Bomb
Phat Man= Big Boy or Russia
RPL= RPAL (Really Pathetic And Lame)
Happpy Hour= Drunk Hour
Reverse Fountain= Make It Rain Machine
*NEW* Let it Cold= F.D.M. (Freeze, Don't Move!)

Buzzard= Wood cutter on a stick
Double Hug= Chocking Gloves on a stick
Good Morning= Good Night On A Stick

Sniper (Astoria)

VipeRifle= Vicky
Capital Pains= Little spender (Big Spenders Daughter)
Mamba's Boy= Mammy
Dead Eye= Dirty Dan
Crossbow= HornyBow
Blow Darts= Saliva Darts
Art Of War= Splatoon

Tomahawk= Diseased
Eagle Standard: The Mighty Eagle (Likes salmon)
Day Dreamer= The High Traps.
Fairy Dust= TinkerBell
Rake= Comedy abuser.

Battering Ram= Fossil
Brr-Ram-Ewe= Frozen Fossil
Cybernetic Ram= Future Fossil
Golden Dragon= Ancient Fossil

Chub Scout (Wil)

BoomStick= Spas-12
DoomStick= Spas-12 (Day of the Dead Edition)
Balance Beam=Losing Beam
Senor Potato= Belgium Potato
Pie Bomb= "Well, here you go"
Chainsaw Shotgun= Chainsaw Grenade Launcher
Bubble Gun= Biscuit!
Buster Cannon= Initiative
*NEW* Snowtato Launcher= The Johnny Potato Launcher.

Batterito= Frozen Taco
Killdoba= Spicy Frozen Taco
Whipped Pain= Suicide in a Can
E-Z Cheese= Cheese Flavored Suicide in a Can
Sole's Bane= My Legos.
Poptart Shuriken= Toaster Victims

Bow= Gun
Arrow= Bullet
Bow and Arrow= Gun And Bullet
Traffic Light= The Law
Selfie Stick= Hard knock Life.

Engineer (Graham)

Power Glove= Nintendo
Gamma Ray= Ticking Ray
Rivet Gun= Bolts
Hand Cannon= Naughty Hand
BuzzSaw= Wood Cutter launcher.
Muskit= Mulskit

Turrent=Cute Little Gun
Proximity Mines= Minsters
Gernobyl= Gerard
Black Hole= Time Machine
Bind Field= Finny Field
Radiation Rod= Ticking Rod

T square= Mr.T
Wrench= Frank
Double Wrench= Two Headed Frank
CrowBar= Bear prier

Assault (B-1000)

Grenader= Grrnader
Bearail Gun= Big laser
Lightning Bolt= Little laser
Energy Overflow= Energy Vomit
SRCG= Poppers

Last Resort= Little Gypsy Danger
Metal Crush= Part Time Iron Man
Energy Barrier= Rust Protector
Smoke Screen= Assault Steam
Satellite= Virtual Friend (because assault has no friends)

Axecutioner= Axel Rod
Shock N Claw= Stingy Fingers
Primus Sword= Handicap sword.

Assassin (Botch):
Doom Cloud= Squid
Chaos Toss= Hand
Toxic Plague= Bio Weapon
Cosmic Flare= Fire
Orbs= Friends
Energy Bombs= The Quadruplets

Pain Field= The ugly field
Fear Orbs=: Those Hateful Dogs
Cosmic Bomb= Botch's feelings
Nova= Number 5
Gravity Well: Botches bully's

Crass Knuckles= Splintered fist
Ball n Pain= Wreaking Ball
Tongue Chucks= Sticks on A Chain

Combat Tech (Saberi)

Energy Rifle= Laser gun
Plasma Machine Gun= Rapid Laser Gun
Plasma Shotgun=Ticking Shotgun
Toxic Rifle= Medicine

Missiles= Bottle rockets
MiniGun= Mini Gun on a stick
Land Mine= Pie mine
Gamma Burst= Ticking on a Stick

Mallet=Carnival Hammer
Sledge Hammer= A Lighter Carnival Hammer
ClubCobra= ComaCobra

Aribiter (Sanchez)

BindGun= Finny (Finny is an anime character, Finny is my other nickname replacing the first letter with "F".)
Glue Bomb= Finny Bomb
ParaShoot= Mouth Shutter.
Greased Lightning= The Car

Speed Field= Sanic Field
Cloak Field= Chameleon Field
Invulnerable Field= SandBag field
Carpet Bomb=Blom
Drain Field = Mr.Leach

Blade Augment= Ice skates
Harvester= Harvey
Stealth Knife= Big Knife

How was this extremely long list of dumb and awesome names?
Do you think I should rename some? (Or a lot)
Do you gave a name for your favorite weapon?
Can you find all them inside jokes?
Post all them comments below...
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