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Losing chests in BBO!

danyderossi94danyderossi94 Member Posts: 24 Recruit
Hello, it's the fourth (or fifth) time that I lose my chest in BBO, because sometimes, when I click to open it, it doesn't happen anything, the chest double itself (as you can see by the image) or the game pulls me back to the "chests' menu", and I have to restart the game to let the spinning chest get out of my background. Obviously I've lost the gems, every time it happens I restart the game and sadly see that the gems are gone... Hoping that with the hard launch this problem won't occur anymore, is there any way to fix this or just to avoid such an annoying issue?


  • HecticHectic Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 752 Corporal
    Yeah, just wait 3 days
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,344 Noble
    summon trang
  • nishtennishten Member Posts: 148 Recruit
    Actually UB is rit. You don't lose the items, actually u don't see wat u got from it....
    So just go to different places and see wat u got..
  • Ecs_BeansEcs_Beans Member Posts: 65 Recruit
    It's most likely just a visual glitch, like the Ultimate and nish stated you still receive items.

    If you find they are not added to your "inventory" or if it seems too much trouble email: [email protected] and they can assist from there.
  • danyderossi94danyderossi94 Member Posts: 24 Recruit
    Hectic wrote: »
    Yeah, just wait 3 days
    I've got an android device D:
  • danyderossi94danyderossi94 Member Posts: 24 Recruit
    Actually you don't really lose what you were supposed to get from the chest. If you don't open a chest and exit out, then you will still get the item that you were meant to get. This means you didn't lose anything for nothing. Just got to find out what you really got.
    I thought it too, but I didn't manage to notice any difference... I have to admit that I don't remember exactly how many coins I own :)
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