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The Wrath of "Daddy Derek"

Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
Hey guys; I have a story to tell you all.

A few months ago, I was doing my usual YouTube browsing. To make a long story short, I one day stumbled upon a channel called "I Hate Everything". At first, I wasn't sure what to think of the channel. I saw it as just some hate channel at first. But then, I began to watch more and more until I realized he wasn't just a hate channel. He was a man with common sense using his own beliefs to try and make the Internet a better place (he's very similar to SM). It's a real gem. He's my favorite Youtuber now. You may have heard of him or not; it's starting to become more mainstream now.

Anyways, he had two kinds of main series videos: "I HATE"and "The Search for the Worst". "I HATE" is a reasonable rant that brings insight on different views of a fandom or common occurrence in society. The other one is my personal favorite "The Search for the Worst". It's a quest that he started in order to find the true, absolute worst movie ever. It's pretty accurate and actually a fantastic, well thought out series.


You see, last week, he made a Search for the Worst on a movie known as "Cool Cat Saves the Kids". It's a movie about a furry-suit cat going around to kids and teaching them anti-bullying advice. Sounds normal enough, but the movie still made the list. It had some bad advice in it like "If there's a troll on the Internet, reply telling them what they're doing wrong and asks them to stop". It was directed and starred a man known as Derek Savage (yes, savage) or what he goes by in the movie, Daddy Derek.

IHE was not the first to review this movie. Your movie sucks did it too. According to Derek, YMS did the perfect review and gave him insight on movie making. IHE did literally the exact same thing, and things got....evil.

He sent a copyright claim for disagreeing with the review and actually managed to give Alex (IHE) a copyright strike, making him unable to make long videos and ending The Search for the Worst. Now, Daddy Derek is contacting his lawyers and trying to get his personal info to find him, and I guess "take him down"? IHE responded to him via email in the greatest and mature way possible, but Derek never stopped being ignorant. According to Derek, YouTube will close his chance sooner or later.

So there we have it, this total hypocrite abusing the copyright system to destroy one of the best, passionate guys out there. You can hear the whole thing and how horrible it is in this video:

[It does contain swearing but I highly recommend watching it, even if you are anti-swear in stuff]

That video sums it up pretty much. I don't have much else to say. I can't believe this happened. ESPECIALLY right during the terrorist attack on France. The reason I posted this was just to raise awareness of something else that happened as well. One that affects me personally. What are your guys thoughts on it?


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