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Aipom's Battle Bears Toy Boxes

LuredAipomLuredAipom Member Posts: 1,109 Sergeant
edited August 2015 in Creative
This is not a return post or anything, Aipom has officially left the forums. I am just posting this because you guys would be interested in it. As you know by some of my other posts, I play Disney Infinity, and on 1.0, I made some BB maps. Well, now I have 2.0, and I have started making a series showing off all the Toy Boxes I have made in 2.0. I just made the one showcasing the few Battle Bears Gold maps I made, and who else but actual BB players and SkyVu would appreciate it, so here is my little post telling you to go and watch the video of the maps I made;

Aipom tidbit; If you miss my presence around or in your life, as I said in my goodbye-sort of post, I have a Twitter (@DropletCloud) and Tumblr ( I also have a Skype if you feel like talking to me in real time, PM me for that. And I play Second Life alot now, I hang around the Ravenlock Pokemon sim. My username on there is aipomking, so feel free to send me a friend request there if you play aswell.


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