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Going to be less active from now on...

piernsurfpiernsurf Member Posts: 792 Corporal
Hi everyone, as some of you might have known I am quiting BB and gaming altogether. Its been a good year, playing pc in my first 5 months then leaving.

I must stop and focus on my life and not get distracted by games.

Games aren't a bad thing, but I regret my dad getting me into games when I was a toddler because I could be doing better things then pwning people and being on of the over average BB players.

This is not my call, but I half agree with this decision from my parents.

I probably won't ban myself, but I might be tempted to come here again so I will try my best to leave it all on the floor and forget about BB and gaming.

I salute ALL PC players and give my respects to OCH

I wish the best for SkyVu and the BB franchise,


Who knows, I might make a return and I will possibly become a programmer since I already learned some.

Dang it, missed my chance to win the tourney and get 100 gas :D


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