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A guide on forum trolls

eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
edited January 2016 in Community
Hello forumers, BR-1000 Caststarman 3spooky5me eXTCy here. So in some recent events we have seen an increase in trolls on the forums which are causing a bit of a mess for everyone, so here is my guide on how to tell if you are dealing with a troll and what to do if it is a troll.

What is a troll?
So before we can do anything about a troll, we need to know if we are dealing with one, the forum guidelines provide a great definition.
"A troll is a person who starts arguments or upsets people with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussions". However, there is some trouble evaluating if one is a troll, so here are some things you can check out to see if the person is trolling

Is the user causing arguments?
Is the user posting unpopular opinions? There's no issue with unpopular opinions. We aren't a hivemind.
Is the user provoking other users on the forums?
Is the user blowing events on the forums out of proportion?
Is the user making themself look like the victim and everyone else the antagonist?
MOST IMPORTANT:Is the user repeating the said things more than once?

If you said yes to the most important question and any of the previous questions, then you are most likely dealing with a troll

What to do about a troll
so if you have found out that there is indeed a troll on the forums, what should you do?

Everyone's first instinct is to confront the troll themself or to stop them by refuting their posts, but <u>no matter what, never confront a troll!!</u> Doing this is just what the troll wants you to do, then they will drag you into the situation and then you will be trolled as well, making the situation bigger. This is what some people call as baiting, because the trolls are using the post as a bait and getting all the fish to go after it, but then the fish find out, it is too late because they get caught and pulled out of the water where you could get into big trouble. In this case you are the fish in this analogy. So no matter what, do not post anything to or about the troll.

Once you have avoided the bait, the next thing you should do is tell a moderator or admin via pm about this troll and post screenshotted evidence, where we will examine it and double check that it is actually a troll, if the moderation team agrees that it is a troll, then action will be taken from there and you won't have to do a thing from there. Not

Trolling can be a serious issue, but if you follow this guide then these trolls can be eliminated and make the forums a better place.


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