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OmegaOmega Member Posts: 163 Recruit
Hello fellow members I have a friend that needs help.He is trying to start a holiday for PG3D called "Fourum Day".You ask "Why should I help?It's not like he's giving out free pie or anything".Well Shure pie IS delicious But he has many things planned for this day.
Are you skilled with PG3D's combat system?Well Theirs a 1VS1 contest if you'd like to participate.Good at making MC skins? Well theirs a section too.Not good at Skins but talented at drawing?Go ahead theirs a category!Want to make a suggestion? Come on down we have a category!
You may also ask "This sounds awesome but When does it take place and How do I support? (or Downvote this)" Well The date is confirmed to be around July 11th and June 12th.
And how to support this idea?
Well Sign up for the PG3D forums and once your on the page Hit that like button On this thread
Thanks for your guy's support for my friend


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