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eXTCy's Guide to the Forums! 4-6-15 UPDATED*

eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
edited January 2016 in Community
<font color="white">Hey Guys, eXTCy here with a new posting guide for you!
I hope you take this guide and use it so that we can grow as a community.
This step by step guide is simple and easy to apply to your own posting.
This is not a break down of the rules, for that, head on over to here:
<a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span>Rules and Guidelines</a>
<a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span> Code of Conduct</a>

@epicheese42 made a how to thread for basic HTML and making use of Vanilla.
<a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span>DIZ IZ HAO YUU FORUM</a>

This will be as short and sweet as I can make it, since I don't want to drag it on, because 'aint nobody got time for that.

<div class="Box"><font color="#85B0B7" size="7">Chapter 1: What not to comment. </font>
<font color="#85B0B7" >Here are some examples of bad posts:</font>
@JappehBaebz SUCKS!1!!!1!!!11!!!!11!!1111!!!!!!! HE SHOULD QUIT BBG!
<font color="#85B0B7" >You see, the user, xX_SkaiVoo_Treng_Xx Is attacking the user named JappehBaebz. He is spewing negativity and hate towards a specific user.

Now, Let's use a different Example.</font>
<font color="#85B0B7" >Now, our friend 1337_BareKillerX didn't break any rules, but he's complaining about nothing. This will put you in a negative light, and people may not take him seriously ever.

<font size="5"> Think Before You Post! This is especially targeted towards our younger users. </font size>
Don't make a comment where you complain about something unreasonable. It's not against the rules. It just puts you in a negative light.
<div class="Box"><font color="#BDD35B"><font size="7"> Chapter 2: Activity Post vs Thread </font size>
When you make a thread, You better make sure that it has good meaning behind it.
When you make a thread asking what you should buy in BBG, It just takes up space on the stack.
This would be a great post on activity though! Activity is where you should post questions.

If you have a question concerning small things, like what to buy with your joules, you should post it on activity.

Author's note: It is perfectly fine with being within a fanbase of something you enjoy, however it is not okay to shove your fandom in other people's faces.
Don't make threads about other fandoms. It just gets ridiculous and causes arguments! Keep this in PM's and Activity. Or even a group! Groups should be used!

<div class="Box"><font color="#C26AC7">
<font size="7"> Chapter 3: Groups </font size>
A group is where a bunch of people come together and have their own sub forum. It's actually very cool!
I recommend each clan make their own group! It is a great way to keep a community together within a community.
"How do I get my own group?"
Contact a Moderator with your request!

"What can I do in a group?"
Well a group is like a little mini forum so you can post all kinds of fun stuff in there!

"What do I need for my group?"
You will need four things!
1st. An icon to set your group apart!
2nd. A banner for your page!
3rd. Request approval from a Moderator.
4th. About 2 hours a day to keep your group lively!

"Who can have a group?"
Well almost anybody but there are a few qualifications!

1. All clans are entitled to their own group!
2. You must be in good standing with the forum and moderators.
3. You must have an idea of what kind of group you want.
4. You must agree to follow all forum rules.
5. You must \have been a member for at least 3 months!

"How do I change my group settings?"
Ask a Moderator nicely.

"What type of groups are there?"
Tough question! the are two types of group settings.

First you may choose whether or not you can have other see you group without being a member. This is called the "Visibility" setting

Second is how members can join your group you may either have it so that anyone can join or require they ask for permission to join! This is called the "Join" setting.

I recommend that each fanbase makes their own group so that they can discuss it on their own subforum!
Groups are great for forumers to create deeper bonds with each other, and have their own niche community within ours!
Have a new clan? Make a group!
Like a particular TV Show? Book series? Franchise? Game? Make a group!
<div class="Box"><font color="#74B0E8">
<font size="7"> Chapter 4: Private Messages</font size>
Private messages are just that. Private Messages. You send them to people to chat. You can talk about whatever you want. I highly recommend that you don't give out your personal information in a PM.
Do not harass others in a PM, as it is rude, and is frowned upon.
<div class="Box"><font color="#DB1E1E"><font size="7"> Chapter 5: The Flaming Trolls</font size>
The trolls go crazy when you feed them.
So don't.
Don't post an unfavorable opinion on the internet in general, unless you are prepared to fight over it. This is often called 'flamebait'. Don't make flamebait posts.
When someone is trolling, don't respond. You can tell if they're trolling if they are targeting you to try to get a reaction from you!


<div class="Box"><font color="#FFD100"><font size="7"> Chapter 6: </font size>


Thanks to:
<font color="green">LXSXL </font>
<font color="pink">EquinoxVanHulm</font>
<font color="#F3F702">epicheese42</font>


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