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This is not going to happen

Hug_of_WarHug_of_War Member Posts: 1,276 Sergeant
edited February 2015 in BB GOLD
I've seen entire gaming communities go down....And I'm not letting another one slip.....BBU was going to be a great game but you guys quit...Don't quit. Battlebears Movie, what happened to that? Battlebears TV? BBG PC! C'mon playing Battlebears Gold on the PC is the best thing ever! Skyvu can get a lot more publicity through that. Lots of PC gamers would love BBG on the PC and I know what you're thinking.....It is already on the PC, well, it is...but there are so many glitches and work to be done, I mean, seriously, where is the Combat Tech Secondary activation button on the keyboard. And worst of all...It's still on 2.6, we are on 2.16! Half the weapons I own, are not even usable on PC....Google Play doesn't even have any Battlebears games except BBG, if you're an Android User and you're reading this, help me get Android it's freedom!

If you took the time to read this....Thank You. :)

I, honestly, don't care if you want to hate if you have nothing nice to say...don't say it.

This is not going to happen 13 votes

Skyvu should fix BBG PC and BBU and implement Everyplay and Battlebears into Google Play.
Appler99JimmiesSirYuzuProfessionallampBehrpiernsurf 6 votes
I agree with some things and disagree with others....
FluttershyisbestponyMudssunVargancezeIronAddictStarc 5 votes
I'm a true hater!
bones_RANK_SSSStigma 2 votes


  • VargancezeVarganceze Member Posts: 3,099 Noble
    I agree with some things and disagree with others....
    I honestly do not care about BBU. Imo BBG should be SkyVu's primary focus.
    Submit your Mini-research to turnitin.
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