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Name Change Week is BACK (January 4th -> 10th of January)

CaststarmanCaststarman Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 11,969 Overlord
edited January 2015 in Community
It's been just about 6 months since the last time we have given out name changes. It's about time we did another. Starting Sunday, we will be giving out name changes to anyone who wants it. But there are some rules involved with this. Boring, right?

Yes crossed out text, rules are boring, but we need them so no one goes and "accidentally" eats Oliver's Batterito. Here are the rules to this week.

1. ALL name change requests are to be held in this thread only. It got hectic last time we did this. Doing it all in a single thread will be easier for everyone involved. No name change requests are to be done otherwise.

2. Names must be within forum guidelines AND summonable. It's annoying to find someone with a space in their name (E.g "Annoying Name") because summoning someone who tries to summon that person with a space in their name won't be able to. @Annoying Name. See what I mean?

3. ALL users are permitted to ONE name change only. Last time we did this, some users were exploiting our generosity and kept requesting name changes. We mods are already busy keeping the huggables at bay, we don't need hugs from a random Oliver too.

4. No whining! If you posted your name change request in THIS thread, we WILL see it. It might take us some time. If you posted your request before the time was up, but then your request wasn't fulfilled in that same time period, have no fear! You probably posted it at the last minute possible while we were sleeping. We got you covered, bae. Also, if you missed this entirely, then tough luck! But we will allow you to post your requests before January 4th on this thread. We won't change the name until January 4th though, to keep it fair for everyone.

The rules are subject to change, by the way.

But why are we giving a name change week? Well that's kind of a lengthy story, so I'll condense it a bit.
Long ago, there was a time of constant war. Meteors rained from the sky, coming together to eventually form what we called the Ea... too far back?
Well back a few years ago, people consistently asked for name changes which we mods fulfilled. We mods even had some fun with this (@Naporu was @NotNaporu for a while, compliments of me), but then we realized how confusing it was. It was really hard to figure out who was who was who. Because of that reason, we shut down all name change requests and even took away the ability to keep alt accounts without really special permission. In our minds, you should make a lasting name from the start, so it was sound that we stopped changing people's names. Users got fed up with it eventually and came up to us mods and said "Our interests have changed, our usernames don't hold meaning to us anymore". Actually I have no idea if that's accurate, but that was what I remember us mods discussing after all the users complained. We eventually decided to open up name changes again, but not indefinitely. We came up with an idea of a name change every 6 months. At first we were going to track each user individually and give them name changes when they themselves didn't have a name change for 6 months, but soon realized the heft of that task. The way we do it now is much easier.

Now how do you report a name change request to us? It's simple, but we won't honor a request unless you do it correctly.


It's extremely simple. It helps us see them among all the other posts in this thread. In the future we might change it, but for now this is how it's going to be.

So who can get a name change? Everyone! It doesn't matter if you made your account three years ago or three days ago, everyone has the ability to get a name change! Also, if you got your request turned down, you are free to request again with a different name.

Any other questions, thoughts, or concerns?

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