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To all members who tried joining from mid-December to the end of December

CaststarmanCaststarman Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 11,969 Overlord
First off, welcome to the forums! It's a great place most of the time (except when the Huggables invade. I'm still scarred from the last time they tried hugging) and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here.

Now I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I had to address something important. Many of you probably have been waiting a long while for one of the Admins to accept your request to join, but it took us a while. The only true Admins on this site are employees of SkyVu (Entertainment) who make the Battle Bears games and more, but there are a few Assistant Administrators as-well. I, Caststarman am one of them. We are just normal members who were recognized and asked to volunteer for a moderation team. SkyVu is extremely busy so they rely on us at times to keep the peace.

One of my jobs as an Assistant Admin, however, is to check up on the applications for new members and then perform a small check. My first check is to see if they have anything written stating why they wanted to join, if not, I decline them. The reason for this is that many trolls and bots (non-real account holders that are specifically made to advertise a product or to mess up as much as they can) try to join daily and dedication is the biggest part of our forums. You come here for the Battle Bears discussion, but you also stay here for the community. The second check I make is on the actual reason for joining. I read each and every one of them and do not appreciate the regular promotion of products such as toilet paper, nor do I want to see why doctors hate this middl-you get the point. My third and final check is on the username itself. I'll let you use your imagination on this one, but trust me, you'll be glad why I have denied some accounts. If they really wanted to join, they could easily make a new application for joining.

Now I haven't been doing my job very well off-late. I just came back from a week-long vacation a few days ago where I had no Internet access. I could have paid 50 cents a minute for Internet, but I instead wasted that money on really expensive food that would be half the price anywhere else. Before that though, I had my finals and barely visited these forums at all during the week leading up to it. I'm really sorry for anyone thinking that they weren't accepted. It was my fault and I probably should have given a little more heads-up.

But anyway, hopefully your Holidays are going just as great as mine and I'll bet that you guys and gals and Walmarts will have a great time here.

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  • eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
    Everyone knows.
    If they all decide to sell me products.
    We blame you.
  • BE4RZ3RKBE4RZ3RK Member Posts: 669 Corporal
    Buy this half-bitten pickle for only $19.99 today! (Plus $1000 p&h)
    I can't not have this as my sig...
  • eXTCyeXTCy Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,467 Underlord 2016
    BE4RZ3RK wrote: »
    Buy this half-bitten pickle for only $19.99 today! (Plus $1000 p&h)

    @Caststarman‌ This is your fault!
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  • HammadHammad Member Posts: 3,433 Noble
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  • Lich_KingLich_King Member Posts: 5,097 Fabled
    That's pretty strict, also any news on alts
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  • 99Jimmies99Jimmies Member Posts: 437 Recruit
    Was the food worth it? @Caststarman‌
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