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AbareKillerAbareKiller Member Posts: 5,617 Underlord 2016
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This is a short list of things overlooked and ignored, that I may inform you about, there are 5 categories, music, TV, books, gaming, and 1 random category. These lists are to help you explore the culture we have, and to let you expand on your tastes in many categories.

Enjoy this list

Music: Caro Emerald
As a Dutch jazz singer, who studied the human pleasure center of the brain in college, it comes as no surprise that Caro Emerald tops music charts in European native areas. Her hit single Back It Up propelled her career, and she has since then released 2 albums.

Books: Pride And Prejudice (and zombies!)
This hilarious parody of the Jane Austen best seller puts the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, against a zombie apocalypse in the Victorian age.

Gaming: Be Gone
An FPS game exclusive to, Be Gone is a multiplayer FPS that pits team against team. With multiple weapons and loadouts to try, the fun never ends!

TV: Grimm
Detective Nick Burkhardt has a strange life. When his sick and dying aunt visits him, he finds out that he can see what others cannot. Monsters straight from the Grimm fairy tales roaming our world, disguised as humans. When supernatural events begin to rise, it is up to nick to use his powers, and the secrets of The Brothers Grimm to solve cases involving beasts unknown.

Surprise topic: Food
Ever had Talapia? It is a breed of fish that goes great when seasoned with onions, peppers, and other vegetables. It wil fall apart in your mouth, and is a very tasteful thing to eat on Good Friday when there's nothing else around.

Did you enjoy this list? Leave other topics down below for the surprise next time!
29iMAym.jpg Literally the best music to ever enter my life.


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