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Load out abilities

Bornsniper204Bornsniper204 Member Posts: 599 Corporal
edited December 2014 in BB GOLD
Loadout abilities
There like abilities but for each load out only 2 per load out
Like drop gernaid after death
Have a extra 5 seconds picking up over shield
Regenerate 25% health very slow after 15 seconds from not being damaged
Move faster
Reload faster
Abilities regenerate faster
Respawn faster
See enemy's and teammates health
Lock on faster
Hear enemy's voices more
Switch weapons faster
Take less explosive damage
Do more radioactive damage
Have bigger aoe
Etc.. Stuff like that
These are just some examples Officially none of these would be op they are not suppose to change your playing style by a lot but just enough to notice them.
I'd honestly like these :3


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