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CluelessClueless Member Posts: 253 Recruit
Um...So I'm Clueless, so uh hi. I'm currently on my Christmas break and decided to play BBG PC a bit. I've been playing since it first hit the Windows store, and I left the game after BBG was stuck on update 2.6. Normally, I'd make some rant about updating the game, but as iOS and Android are now apparently on 2.15, I figure it's a lost cause. HOWEVER the balance changes made are still carried over to PC. My old setups are pretty much pathetic now that I don't understand the game. Seriously, I find it pathetic that I'm losing to level 10s. >~< (no offense, you awesome players) Does anybody mind sending me links to the pages that explain everything between 2.10-2.15? As in, the balance updates, op set complaints, good setups, etc. I think the most recent changelog only has stuff for recently. Thank you! ^-^
The name's Clueless. Clueless Clueless.
Do I suck at BBG? What kind of question is that?????
Can you read that little strip of blue? I can. You can't? WHAT???
So that means I'm not the most clueless being out there.. life is a lie...
Nice to meet you.


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