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Game Vocabulary

CommanderrenCommanderren Member Posts: 556 Corporal
edited March 2015 in Community
This thread is for newbie or noobs that don't know about word that we use to talk in game .

Avatar : player's persona

Beta: game pre-released for testing

Boss : hardest enemy to defeat at the end of a level

Easter egg : secret code granting extra power.

Gank : killed unfairly

Griefer : player who harasses other players

Lagger : a player whose weak internet connection slows the entire game when we play online

Port : convert a game for a new system

Twinking: outfitting junoir character with high-level gear

Disagree giver: Disrespect and most terrible person that giving that reaction

If you want add a new word in comment below
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  • BR-1000BR-1000 Member Posts: 8,070 Best of the Worst
    edited December 2014
    Some BBG vocab

    Weapons and specials
    Hasr: heavy a salt rifle
    Asr: a salt rifle
    Sci fi asr:sci fi a sault rifle
    Sci fi hasr: sci fi heavy a salt rifle
    Ocog:over clocked oliver gun
    Oco: over clocked oliver
    DOCO:dark over clocked Oliver
    Tntl:tnt launcher
    SS:static shuffle
    LYH:losing your head
    RPL:rocket propelled lace
    Ci:caffeine injection
    CSSG: Chainsaw shotgun
    SRCG:Super Rapid Chain Gun
    LB:Lightning Bolt

    BBG in game terms
    IBG:imperial basket grande

    HP:hit points/health pack

    Overhealing: getting the imperial basket grande when your health is over half, giving you extra health

    Quick switch:a technique people use when they quickly switch to their other weapon, use it, and switch back to the original weapon

    Double jump: using jump and SW boots to achieve more height

    Spammer: someone who basically has their finger on the shoot button at all times

    I'll think of more later
  • Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
    Killer: The name of a noob
  • OnesyOnesy Member Posts: 2,092 War Hero
    Slimefon: A human being portraying as a fictional green leaf character, who has a good reputation of being very skilled in a video game on a platform that most mobile devices have, known as Battle Bears Pro, which was released on a month, on a week, on a day, which 1UP cannot remember, and/or being far too lazy to research such information, commonly found in most Americans, where the objective of such matter is to eliminate other fictional characters in a virtual world, being played by one's fingers, or doing so in other matters, in order to complete the objective, where if enough contribution is put into a virtual round of dueling, one team is declared victorious, and the other team is defeated, where as the defeated did not contribute enough to claim victory of the representing team of the fictional characters of the human being controlling them in such a matter playing a video game on their mobile device, where the individual controlling the fictional character in the virtual world, should gain such skill, in order to claim victory for the representing team of the individual who is playing a video game on their mobile device, with the order of having an internet connection to play such game on their mobile device of the individual is currently on, in such a matter to complete one's objective of a duel through one's skill of everyone's virtual character in a virtual world the human being is currently playing in such a matter to complete one's objective given to every individual who is playing in such of a matter to claim victorious on a video game currently on their mobile device
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  • BW1589BW1589 Member Posts: 3,178 Noble
    Actually noob and newb are sort of the same thing, newbs are new to the game, so they're bad at it. Noobs are also really bad at games. i also want to make a ROBLOX reference but im not going to.
  • DoodleQuikDoodleQuik Member, MVP Posts: 7,671 Fabled
    Gun: A thing that shoots lead bullets.
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  • RedXenonRedXenon Member Posts: 1,772 Lieutenant
    Taven: noob

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  • SP4RKSSP4RKS Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,528 Fabled
    Here's some Dark Souls terminology.

    Gankers: 2 or more people who fight against one other person. Defeating gankers, especially in Dark Souls, is pretty difficult.

    Fisher: Someone who constantly goes for backstabs, a powerful move that can be easily pulled off due to lag.

    Giantdad: The most legendary set in existence.

    Ninjaflippers: People who spam DWGR, thinking that flipping around makes themselves MLG.

    I believe there's more, but I haven't played in nearly a month, so @DaveChap‌ can correct me.

  • NovaProspektNovaProspekt Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 10,731 Fabled
    Overhaul: nerfing every aspect of a character and or his or her arsenal.


  • AbareKillerAbareKiller Member Posts: 5,617 Underlord 2016
    Juggler: Enemies in fighting games who juggle you in the air and barely give you time on the ground.
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  • BW1589BW1589 Member Posts: 3,178 Noble
    PvP: Player Vs. Player, It's when you battle other players in an online multiplayer game

    CPU: I dont know what it stands for, A computer generated non-player character/animal
  • OnesyOnesy Member Posts: 2,092 War Hero

    CPU: I dont know what it stands for, A computer generated non-player character/animal

    I'm pretty sure that's CGI, which is Computer generated image
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  • Fraddi3Fraddi3 Member Posts: 475 Recruit
    Quickscoper = me

    Lol or maybe not

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