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Make a Weapon and laugh at other people's weapons.

KidGunsoKidGunso Member Posts: 1,473 Sergeant
Thread to express your weapon ideas. If you have an idea, say it here and we'll throw our heads back in laughter r8 each others weapons, if you hate social stuff, Get out.

Void Hole: Throw 2 portals in different locations! Press reload to open the portal, allowing a creature out of the void to kill any nearby enemies!

Magmolic Degreaser: Spitting out fiery ooze was never so fun! Leave puddles of burning destruction and hitting enemies on direct contact can stun their movement for 0.75 seconds!

Boom-A-Rang: Throw a boomerang that sticks to any surface (Even Players!) and explodes after 2 seconds! What's special about this is that it'll still continue reloading even when switched to another weapon!

Bass Cannon: Bass Cannon for Tilman, fire uncharged shots with a mediocre AoE, and charge it up for some serious pain!

Das all I gots, what about yours?
Let's get riiiiighhtttt into the news, folks!


  • Helryx_NeonXen0nHelryx_NeonXen0n Member Posts: 215 Recruit
    Flare launcher for demo which has 6 ammo and does afterburn damage similar to MoN. Seriously im out of ideas
  • DoodleQuikDoodleQuik Member, MVP Posts: 7,671 Fabled
    The Gun: A normal pistol that kills everything and causes the enemy to fly back in slow motion while whining over the pain of the wound.
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  • LXSXLLXSXL Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,358 Noble
    edited December 2014
    Huggaball-Launches a volleyball made of Huggables at the foe. Meant for either Riggs, Sanchez, or B-1000. Effect is almost a bit like Phantom Hug. Makes a bit of sense for B-1000 to use Huggables as a weapon. Maybe on B-1000, it could be like a prox mine Secondary.

    Purgery-Cat cannon that fires damaging sound waves. Has a decent AOE. Think similar to Jackalope in power. A lot of classes could be suited for this weapon.

    The Hammer-Beat your enemies to a pulp with an over-sized piece of pork, bone included. Swing is like Sword in the Stone.

    Roman Candle-Launches exploding cans that are shaped like Trojan Horses or Spartan Helmets. Secondary for Tillman or Saberi.

    Headbanger-Launches a projectile that makes enemies uncontrollably headbang for a short time. Similar to Sucker Punch, but with a small AOE.
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  • katanatennkatanatenn Member Posts: 709 Corporal
    Make a Nelson gun (From The Simpsons Show) and it goes *Points* "Haha"
  • NovaProspektNovaProspekt Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 10,731 Fabled
    edited December 2014
    Nerf Gun - A secondary for Saberi where each shot subtracts the enemy's weapon damage.

    Return to Cinder - A primary for Botch which absorbs incoming projectiles when activated. After it absorbed enough, it can be thrown to create an explosion which sends back all the projectiles it absorbed.

    Smug Machine - A weapon comprised by a smoke machine, made of an engine found in Hybrid cars, which emits a mist of "smug" which causes skin irritation. (South Park reference)

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  • HecticHectic Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 752 Corporal
    Tas-ty Rainbow - Huggable's close ranged Secondary allowing the user to puke rainbow puddles until satisfied. Side affects occur instantly after enemy player steps on the puddle causing inverted aim for 3s. Puking on the enemy will cause rainbow puke to appear on their screen reducing visibility which can be wiped off or will come off after 2s.

  • ThinkerbellThinkerbell Member Posts: 382 Recruit
    one shot wonder - a special sniper rifle that has only one ammo reserve and shoots out a speedy bullet that penetrates thru enemies.
    Decoy Trap - Astoria sends out a decoy that stand still and if it gets hit, the opponents is paralyze for a few seconds.
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  • NovaProspektNovaProspekt Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 10,731 Fabled
    edited December 2014
    Morning Wood - Morning Star melee made of wood for B-1k.

  • KidGunsoKidGunso Member Posts: 1,473 Sergeant
    Morning Wood - Morning Star melee made of wood for B-1k.

    Let's get riiiiighhtttt into the news, folks!
  • OnesyOnesy Member Posts: 2,092 War Hero
    edited December 2014
    Extra Life: Shoots a 1-UP mushroom on the ground that follows enemies, and cause instant death because of mushroom poisoning, and/or a Poison Mushroom disguised as a 1-UP.

    Pixel Gun: Shoots characters ranging from 8 Bit - 256 bit at random. Depending of detail of what @Danielzss is great at, the lower the bit, the higher of damage but lower aoe, and the higher the bit, the lower of damage but higher aoe.
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  • EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
    I really like the Void Hole idea! Anyways I had a couple ideas.

    Right back at 'ya: Secondary for Huggable where he gains multiple small rainbow shields that orbit him similar to the shield power up. These shields reflect projectiles from where they came. Lasts for 6 seconds and has a cool down time of 14 seconds. Only has one ammo which cannot be supplemented with equipment.

    Fatal Attraction: Either for Riggs or Huggable as well. It causes the user to emit a small field around him that pulls opponents in closer for an easier time meleeing. Lasts for 8 seconds and has a cool down of 12 seconds. It only has 2 ammo, though ammo plus 2 can add 1 more.

    Uplifting Spirits: Botch gains a green aura around him that launches him up half the vertical distance of a So Fly. From there, he can choose to hold the button for one more second to allow him to remain suspended in midair for 5 seconds. In this state he can utilize any melees, specials, primaries or secondaries without falling. He can move horizontally in any direction while in the air, and his air speed is faster than his ground speed. This has a 15 second cooldown so that even if combined with Botch's gliding ability he can't spam it in the springs from No Bears Land. Has 1 ammo which can be doubled with Ammo.
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  • KidGunsoKidGunso Member Posts: 1,473 Sergeant

    Savior Grenade- Throws a grenade which hurts enemies! Any nearby ally that takes damage will be reduced by 50% and transfers the other 50% to you, regaining HP.

    Firestorm!!!- Unleashes the Firestorm!!! Takes a long time to lock on and land down but when it does, it has the AoE of 2 Phatmans! And it deals 300 damage! However, it will disappear if it doesn't detect nearby enemies in its land location.
    Let's get riiiiighhtttt into the news, folks!
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