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Wii u fight pad or pro controller

SingularitySingularity Member Posts: 1,256 Sergeant
edited December 2014 in Other
My parents are getting my presents last minute :P and I wanted to get ssb u for Christmas but I also want a controller to go with it and I want to know what controller should I get
A wii u fight pad
Or a pro controller

Wii u fight pad or pro controller 6 votes

The Wii U Pro controller m8
The Wii U Fight Pad M8
LXSXLMilkAlex17EdgecatorSingularityBearmaster123 6 votes


  • Alex17Alex17 Member Posts: 1,614 Lieutenant
    The Wii U Fight Pad M8
    I'm simply voting for this because the wii u fight pad looks cooler :P
  • LXSXLLXSXL Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,358 Noble
    The Wii U Fight Pad M8
    If you're aiming for as close to a Gamecube controller you can get without getting one, the fightpad's your best bet. I'm buying a friend the Link one when it releases, even though I don't own a Wii U myself.
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  • Bruce_LeeBruce_Lee Member Posts: 768 Corporal
    I have the fight pad and it really isn't worth it, it's too bulky and the buttons need a hard press to actually work. I'd go for the classic or pro controllers. They seem to get the job done. If you parents can find a GC controller and adapter for wii u than you should probably get that because GC is way better than both.
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