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Ranking Thread 2.1

KidGunsoKidGunso Member Posts: 1,473 Sergeant
edited December 2014 in BB GOLD
Ladies and Ladies, Fake Rankings of weapons!
(I though of this while doing the FMDBalanceThread. Also some news about the FMDBalanceThread.

+Trang will be taking one of my fan made stat changes in my next drop and putting it in the game for a short time. Yay.
+It's 35% done. I just finished putting stat changes into Dead Eye, Blowdart, Tomahawk, and Eagle Standard(Its now a slowing weapon and blinding weapon.), and I included the new 2.15 weapons, thank you @thecheeselover‌ for making the wiki stats.
+Robbie is my husband now.(jkjkjk)
-My Next Balance Drop might be marked as the last one. I'll often bump/add stuff into the thread, but that will be the last drop for the thread.
-Drop will come around either Late-Jan to Early-March due to the amount of work I have and weekends to lose.
-This thread won't be updated as much later on.

Now here are my fake ranking numbers:
000.000-200.500= Terrible Usage
250.000-550.000= Okay.
555.000-750.000= Good Usage
800.000-999.999= Kay Kay
1,000.000+= You're Winner!

Ask the ranking stats for weapons and I'll put in the ranking. Feel free to disagree and agree whatcha like or not like.
Let's get riiiiighhtttt into the news, folks!


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