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An Important Realization All BB Fans Must See

TheShiningStarletteTheShiningStarlette Member Posts: 2,174 War Hero
As the title says, there is an important realization to all the BB fans who still live out there. Many have already realized, but some have not. So let me share this message with you.


This is not meant as a hate thread, but just think about this. A few years ago, SkyVu was one of the leading companies for creating FPS games. First, they created things like BB1 and BBB and stuff like that based on cutscenes. They were famous and well known. Many times I see BB games on the Top Charts. But all the way until probably the previous year and this year, BB started dying (no I don't mean the bears... pshhhh).

The games were no fun anymore. For example, BBG. It started out as BBR, it was great. Everything was creatively thought and actually took effort to create. But then, SkyVu created the same thing of BBR but with more characters and different layout. That is when most people probably gave up on the game (or so I think...). It was almost perfectly fine until people started seeing all the new games out there like those new FPS games like ummmm... uhhh.... ummm. Excuse me but I don't play those games. Wait, games like Destiny and Halo and blah blah blah. So everybody then looked back at Battle Bears Gold, and then thought to Battle Bears Royale, they were no different. Nothing much has changed. I can prove to you that. Except for very small parts of the game, like control appearance, home screen appearance, there was nothing different. (this only affected people that played BBR) AND THIS IS WHY BBG IS FILLED WITH NUBS. >:|

Then, SkyVu created Battle Bears Ultimate and actually thought about the GRAPHICS and the ANIMATIONS for once. Not that nothing has changed about the animations, there has but nothing much has changed about the graphics. :\
So it was good. Many people gave up on BBG (so technically SkyVu has abandoned 2 games already) and started playing BBU. after that game came out, they changed the name to "Battle Bears Pro Multiplayer Shooter" or something like that. WHAT KINDA FRIGGIN NAME IS THAT. >:| Then, they made ALL THE GAMES COST MONEY EXCEPT FOR BBG. So BBG ended up with a load of nubs and it is dying more than ever. Not that it is wrong for SkyVu make their games cost money, but they have to realize. A bad game that costs money will not attract many players, just as in a dim bulb that is mostly covered will not attract much flies.

See what I mean now??! I don't mean hate, but I just suggest that SkyVu can SUCCESSFULLY develop and put all their energy on ONE game and making it good rather than making a bunch of lame games that suck and have no point in playing.

I don't know if SkyVu was meant to last, but I think it's gunna be about time it's gunna get worse for dem. :neutral_face:

Okay, OPINION EXPRESSED. whew got that out now no more grammar typeing :)
im not shiny anymore sorry


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