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Toxic rifle idea

nohugz4unohugz4u Member Posts: 520 Corporal
Okay I have kind of a problem with this weapon the poision duration is only 3 seconds and it has a stackable shot of 4 dm I've used it in battle and I did okay with it but it was not wat I was hoping for the point of poisonous weapons in bbg in my opinion was always to do dm and get out before your enemies could kill u. 3 seconds of dm isn't good enough so heres my idea

Keep dm the same
Decrease the fire rate from .2 to 1
Increase the duration from 3 to 6

Tell me what u guys think thx guys:)


  • nohugz4unohugz4u Member Posts: 520 Corporal
  • nohugz4unohugz4u Member Posts: 520 Corporal
    Wow this tread is really depressing
  • Alex17Alex17 Member Posts: 1,614 Lieutenant
    I don't quite understand what you're saying, but I think it's good as it allready is right now. Changing the stats to that could risk it being overpowered :/
  • LatroLatro Member Posts: 2,095 War Hero
    edited December 2014
    This would be a bad idea.

    It don't quite see the reasoning in wanting a longer poison duration so you can "get out before your enemies could kill u". With a short duration they're dealt damage more quickly. Keep in mind that each shot stacks its damage, so for example, if I miraculously landed all 13 shots, I would deal 156 damage in maybe 5-6 seconds (from when you start firing to when the last of the poison wears off). This is opposed to your idea, where you would be dealing damage over a considerably longer period of time , thus giving enemies MORE time to "kill u".

    With a shorter duration and faster RoF, poison in inflicted more quickly and they die faster, meaning you don't need to worry about making some ninja-esque escape as they succumb to your poison (also leaving open the opportunity for your kill to be stolen, as is all too common among poison weapons).
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  • DevilishMeDevilishMe Member Posts: 733 Corporal
    I can my kills stolen everytime..if this weapon works this way it will get stolen more bout making damage per second higher n ammo lower..I dunno..but it's..soso as it is now
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