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Make your own Battle Bears Characters in SSB4

EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
edited December 2014 in Creative
This one's pretty self explanatory. Just choose a BB character, and apply them to SSB4. Give an idea of their speed, number of jumps, jump height, fall speed, light or heavy, and a moveset. I don't have any ideas at all, but I'm curious to what other people may be thinking.
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  • Yoky01Yoky01 Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,413 Fabled

    Light weight
    Able to float as Peach

    Neutral Special = Pain Field
    Up Special = Cosmic Fire which impulses Botch at the opposite direction when it's shoot (Botch can aim it in 8 directions).
    Down Special = Fear Orbit
    Side Special = Orbs, works the same as Fox's gun

    Up & Side Tilt = Melee
    Down Tilt = Rolls the Ball n' pain

    Up aerial = Doom Cloud pops up.
    Side aerial = Grass Nuckles
    Down aerial = *Meteor attack* Kicks the doom cloud down
    Neutral aerial = Makes a small explosion of his radiation.

    Up Smash = Doom Cloud, the more you charge it, the longer it will last, you can still move with it.
    Side Smash = Gravity Well (Explodes when it touches something, so it can't be reflected, just avoided)
    Down Smash = Nova
    welp, I said it.
  • Yoky01Yoky01 Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,413 Fabled

    Light Weight
    *Could glide with So Fly*
    *Can Crawl*

    Neutral Special = Tough Love (Increases the Side Smash, tilts and aerial attacks damage)
    Down Special = Peekaboo (Same effect and mechanics as BBG's)
    Side Special = Static Shuffle (Charges electricity which can be stored to release it later)
    Up Special = So Fly (Leaves a trail of damage and can be aimed)

    Dash attack = Double Rainbow
    Up Tilt = See Saw
    Side Tilt = Whacktus
    Down Tilt = Bite Me

    Neutral Aerial = Spins
    Down Aerial = Fells in the enemy and start damaging it like a Metroid (slower than a metroid, but faster than a Pikmin). *If the attack fails, he will be open for an attack depending on his damage*
    Side Aerial = Chews
    Back side Aerial = Legs attack in a scissor way.
    Up Aerial = Headbutt (Electric Effect)

    Grab = Hug

    Up Smash = Headlights
    Side Smash = Random Melee (Bite Me -> Whacktus -> See-Saw -> Hugs)
    Down Smash = Loosing your Head
    welp, I said it.
  • EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
    edited December 2014
    I guess I'll make a Botch as well. Not as cool as @Yoky01‌ 's though.
    2 jumps, first jump average height, second one just like Ness' double jump, but he can hold it to float like Peach. Run speed of Rosalina, and fall speed of Wii Fit Trainer. Light and easy to knockback. Run has a flying animation. Aerial moves have little knockback to allow for air combos.

    Neutral Normal - A quick paw-swipe that if it hits an opponent can be mashed to summon 2 Orbs that fire short-ranged projectiles. When the mashing stops, an auto finisher will occur in which both orbs fire at once for an even shorter-ranged burst of energy

    Down tilt- Botch coats his paw in a glowing, green aura. Works exactly like Sheik's down tilt.
    Forward Tilt: Botch kicks forward lightly.
    Up Tilt: Botch raises his leg forward to a full standing split kick trailed by green energy.
    Dash Attack: Carbon Copy of Ness' dash attack.

    Up Smash: Works exactly like Paluntena's up smash, but with an animation resembling NOVA.
    Down Smash: Spins in a fashion similar to his Tiny Overlord taunt. Does multiple hits.
    Forward Smash: Shoots forward with a short ranged cosmic fire.

    Neutral Aerial: Botch spreads his arms and covers himself in a green aura.
    Forward Aerial: Botch does a back flip. Looks like Rosalina's forward aerial, but it only hits once with decreased knockback.
    Up Aerial: Upwards headbutt.
    Down Aerial: Swings Ball N' Pain downwards. Has a sweetspot and sourspot.

    Neutral B: Activates a Fear Orbit that lingers and follows Botch around for 5 seconds, but after it goes away, it cannot be used for 8 seconds. It causes poison (the effects of the lipstick) for 4 seconds.
    Side B: Botch fires Chaos Toss that travels slowly with range of needles, has quite long recovery, but causes poison for 6 seconds. No cooldown time.
    Up B: Botch launches up, then gains an aura that allows him to float. Basically Paluntena's Jump Glide.
    Down B: Activates a Doom Cloud that lingers around for 5 seconds and causes continuous flinching, but it does not follow Botch around.

    Final Smash: Summons a giant doomcloud at the top of the stage and rains down doom. Then, it falls to the floor to cause knockback.

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  • MilkMilk Member, MVP Posts: 1,897 Lieutenant
    edited December 2014
    Tillman's gonna give it to ya!
    Has 2 Jumps that are pretty average.
    Medium Fall Speed.
    Move set:
    Neutral attack: Two Punches then Buzzard which hits repeatedly.
    Dash Attack: Double Hug hits forward while Tillman slides.
    Side Tilt: One Good Morning limb hits forward.
    Up tilt: Reverse Fountain shoot while being upside down itself
    Down tilt: Buzzard

    Side Smash: Two Good Mornings hit forward
    Down Smash: Two Gold Member Missiles Explode on each side
    Up Smash: Blast O Mole causes a single explosion above Tillman

    Neutral Arial: Buzzard quickly hits right and left
    Forward Arial: Small Firework is shot and explodes on contact.
    Backward Arial: A Small Firework Explosion with bigger range.
    Down Arial: Good Morning limb hits underneath Tillman

    Neutral Special: Big Shot missile that travels in an arc.
    Side Special: Bouncing Betty Bomb that bounces two times before exploding, can be reflected.
    Down Special: Lays a Dark Matter Orb that stays stationary for 3 seconds, then explodes.
    Up Special: Happy Hour Is strapped on Tillman's back and flies up carrying him and explodes.

    Final Smash: Can lock on to anyone 3 times. 2 Peacemakers come from the sky to follow the target and cause an explosion. Third Lock On causes a Phat Man to come down and explode with a huge radius.
  • EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
    I don't want to sound rude but.

    Mine didn't get any praise?

    I hadn't even seen it :P It's cool too! I like the down smash especially.
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  • EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
    My notifications are buried in PM notifications , and I had already drafted the idea on this thread before you commented. I just added it in from there, so I didn't see the comment @Botch_As_Himself‌
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