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TUTORIAL: Uploading Screenshots

Wilpower784Wilpower784 Member, Moderator, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,262 Fabled
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1. Take the picture

2. Download "Happy Geese" from the App Store

3. Play the game 666 times

4. Shadow the EDGEHog will appear and be edgy

5. Smash your iPad

6. Go to Billy May's grave and steal the Mighty Putty under the tombstone (this is important for later)

8. Kyakk across the Paccific Ocean

8. Go to an island in the shape of a ring

9. At the center is Shrek's Swamp

10. Go to his hut and give him the Mighty Putty.

11. He will then ask you to peel the layers off of his onion

13. Say no

14 have him throw you in the fireplace

15. In the fireplace, yell "DIAGON ALLEY!"

16. Go to Diagon Alley

17. Mug Hagrid. He will have keys to the TARDIS. Rob them from him. He will also have a gun for you to rob.

18. Steal The Doctor's TARDIS

19. Drive it to Bandai Namco before Smash Bros 4 was released

20. Threaten Sakurai at gunpoint to add Ridley.

21. Be given an award at the white house.

22. Break into the Oval Office

23. Ask Obama why the sky is brown

24. He will assign you a mission to kill the Illuminati.

25. Take the TARDIS to the Illuminati HQ at The North Pole

26 Quickscope Santa Claus

27. Obama will be so happy, he will upload the screenshot to the forums.

Just follow these easy steps and you will have your picture uploaded in no time!


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