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Game type ideas :D

Bornsniper204Bornsniper204 Member Posts: 599 Corporal
edited December 2014 in BB GOLD
Game types
These are just some ideas i tried to keep them a little simple some are to much memory.I honestly think these arent that bad of ideas! LOL sorry anout my grammar excuse my stupidity.

Fight endless hordes of random enemy's
Mostly huggables and some random classes. Exclusive to private
Also there's missions in it sometimes like plant the bomb or guard the windmill.

There is 3 rounds
Powers switch out for all health
No radar and no specials
Once you die you have to wait for the next round. How you win is if you eliminate the enemy or which ever teams gets the most damage in the round. Instead of joules each kill you get one gas can. Exclusive to public games

Old school
Randomly get plant the bomb or team battle Have the 6 oldest classes in the game no promode items will not be able to be used. Basically this gametype gives you bbr feels.

Also change plant the bomb and windmill game type a vote make it kinda one game but you vote before start

Bloody duel
3 teams of 2 battle it out
Each kill is one point
time 2 minutes and 40 seconds
Power ups and health spawn faster.
You only respawn with your teammate or you can wait 15 seconds.

Special game type exclusive for public games
Every second week you change it.
It has special unique game types that you cant regularly play

Bounty Hunter
Free for all
There is a AI player who is very very difficult to kill. Every Time he dies he respawns right away.
Class soldier has standard weapons but has a extra of 25 speed,health and damage. The AI heals instant but slowly. Killing him you earn a gas can also you get points to win the game.

Give me your feedback what did you enjoy about these? Which ones youre favorite? Thanks for reading :P


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