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Rainblow V.S. Let it goat

BR-1000BR-1000 Member Posts: 8,070 Best of the Worst
Hi forumers, BR-1000 here!

Here we got two games made by skyvu, they are pretty similar games, but they have their differences.

So which one is your favorite and why?

Rainblow V.S. Let it goat 38 votes

Let it goat
DoodleQuikSamuelMistahJiggzXDSP4RKSbbrsniperxxHoneyKylerCASuperCodeSingularityCrash_NebulaBruce_LeeNuggetsaurusBearmaster123thecheeseloverCommanderrenStigma 16 votes
PirateeXTCySharQuantumRedXenonEarmuffsYoky01ChickenwithBBQWilpower784Muzzleepicheese42CantTouchThisRexLatroAlex17splashingstardanielzssb1000boynohugz4uGilby 22 votes


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