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Astoria or Saberi? Your Favorite Female Battle Bear? (Poll)

eLymeianoeLymeiano Member Posts: 475 Recruit
edited October 2014 in BB GOLD
Hey guys! So between Astoria (Sniper) and Saberi (Combat Tech), which female Bear do you like more? Im asking you to consider all aspects, from their weapons to their skins. Remember, I'm not trying to create an anti-Astoria/Saberi war, I'm just asking this out of the blue. Kinda random, but I'm curious for the results! :p

<3 Please Comment Below!!! I appreciate all feedback!!! <3

Astoria or Saberi? Your Favorite Female Battle Bear? (Poll) 96 votes

Astoria the Sniper
FluttershyisbestponyOLIVERPOWERCaststarmanDoodleQuikClinkzboneNovaProspektSamuelLAITERZEarmuffsChickenwithBBQMistahJiggzXDBeastMonkeyKingBeastMonkeyKing99Hug2DeathAkurotetsuLBY123xXMrPurpleNuggetXxASN_ShadowWilpower784NYCO 73 votes
Saberi the Combat Tech
RedXenonYourBoyLeviLich_KingUnbeknownTrout7APOCALYPSETwelveFootGoldSawAlex17SkyVu_JelissaKidGunsoScwambledFREESHSingularityCrash_NebulaArcbergBW1589golden_trynasty0besityPiez4meeLymeiano 23 votes
I Am The Greatest.


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