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Did you know Bionicle is coming back in 2015?

Helryx_NeonXen0nHelryx_NeonXen0n Member Posts: 215 Recruit
edited September 2014 in Other

Did you know Bionicle is coming back in 2015? 28 votes

DoodleQuikLXSXLLich_KingMilkbbrsniperxxV3CHSHelryx_NeonXen0nSkyVu_Robbie 8 votes
grizzCaststarmanNovaProspektQuantumZoegrace1MistahJiggzXDWilpower784AbareKillerStormSuperCodeNuggetsaurusCommanderrenxLeppy 13 votes
just lookin.
SamuelDban1Tehlews128UnbeknownTrout7imAnormieHoly_HoboMaRvelousJuice 7 votes


  • Helryx_NeonXen0nHelryx_NeonXen0n Member Posts: 215 Recruit
    I hope Greg Farshtey is back to help with the storyline
  • CaststarmanCaststarman Member, Moderator, Assistant Administrator, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 11,969 Overlord
    I had no idea, I still don't care.

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  • Lich_KingLich_King Member Posts: 5,097 Fabled
    Yes!!! I LOVED THOSE
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  • MaRvelousJuiceMaRvelousJuice Member Posts: 3,403 Noble
    just lookin.
    I never liked it. Only the part where I spent $13 on the 'build it yourself bionicle toys.
  • FluttershyisbestponyFluttershyisbestpony Member, MVP Posts: 3,963 Exalted
    edited September 2014
    I remember getting my first Bionicle on my first day of first grade. :D So many firsts. That's awesome news!!
  • Helryx_NeonXen0nHelryx_NeonXen0n Member Posts: 215 Recruit
    Bionicle had a really good storyline from 2001 -2010. Read it its really good :D
  • GrayNekoGrayNeko Member Posts: 8 Recruit
    Yay! I like Bionicles moar than Hero Factory.
  • LXSXLLXSXL Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,358 Noble
    Let me say this, Bionicle had a great run, but it was clear they were running out of ideas near the end.

    Since they are bringing it back, a few things need to take place. Greg Farshtey needs to come back at the writer of the story. Anyone's who really followed the series through the comics, audio podcasts, and books knows how influential he was to the story of the series.

    They need to get back in touch with their old bands they used to advertise the products, such as Cryoshell. It was from those commericals, that many fans became interested in Cryoshell and the other bands who they used the music from, such as Daughtry with the Toa Ignika.

    Bionicle is a tough series to resurrect, and I can only hope that they don't screw it up.
    "The Key is Strategy"

  • Helryx_NeonXen0nHelryx_NeonXen0n Member Posts: 215 Recruit
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