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Forum Rules and Guidelines [9-12-14]

SkyVuSkyVu Member, Administrator Posts: 1,489 SkyVu Employee
edited September 2014 in Community
Below you will find a set of rules and guidelines to consider when posting. The Battle Bears forum is meant to be a fun place to meet and talk to people who share your interests! These rules help us make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time here and maintain a happy community!

Everyone must follow the website’s <a href="">Terms of Service</a> when posting content.

  • Account Requests: We will not delete, ban, or suspend an account on request. No exceptions.
  • Advertising: Any form of advertisement on the forum will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:
    - Other games
    - Businesses
    - Outside products
    - Anything that results in profit
    This does not include promoting groups, clans, or fan sites. We only ask that you post these in the proper categories.
  • Alt Accounts: If a member wants to create an alt account, they must first notify an administrator or moderator. If an alt account is created without first doing so, it will be permanently banned. Each member can have only one alt account per IP address, although some exceptions can be made.
  • Bashing/Personal Attacks: We do not allow bashing or personal attacks towards individuals, groups, companies, or anyone on the forum. This kind of behavior normally leads to fights or further attacks, and this is not something we want on this forum.
  • Bumping: We do not allow bumping of old discussions, whether it belongs to you or not. Posting “bump” does not contribute to the discussion, and therefore should not be posted. However, you are allowed to post in an old discussion only if it further contributes to it.
  • Copyright Infringement: We do not allow the discussion of illegal distribution or use of copyrighted material. This can include private game servers, pirated movies, music, and games, as well as illegally leaked content from games, movies, etc. We also do not allow similarities to trademarked or copyrighted material/businesses to be used in your username. This does not include characters.
  • Cursing/Profanity: The use of inappropriate language and cursing is not allowed on this forum. While a profanity filter is in place, we ask that you respect it by preventing yourself from overusing it. We also do not allow the bypass of the profanity filter by any means.
  • Discrimination: The use of prejudice/hateful comments, slurs, or statements that promote violence or intolerance toward others or groups of people will not be tolerated on the forum. This includes:
    - Age
    - Disability
    - Gender
    - Lifestyle
    - National Origin
    - Race/Color
    - Religion
    - Sexual Preference
    - Any other personally identifying factors
    This is something we take very seriously on the forum. We want everyone to feel welcome here and enjoy being a part of the community.
  • Encouraging Other Members: We do not allow you to encourage or lead other members into violating the rules. If someone has or is trying to lead you into breaking the rules, we ask that you report them to an administrator or moderator.
  • Flaming: When in a disagreement, we do not allow rude or insulting comments directed towards other members. If you have any disagreements with another member, we ask that you stay civil and on topic. If a disagreement gets heated, remember to stay on topic and remain constructive.
  • Hacking: If you are a suspected hacker on Battle Bears and there is enough evidence proving so, you will be permanently banned. We do not allow hacking and do not want to risk it being promoted as an okay thing to do.
  • Inappropriate Content: We do not allow any inappropriate content to be posted on the forum. This may include, but is not limited to:
    - Extreme violence or gore
    - Illegal substances and activities
    - Pirated copyright-protected material
    - **** and other sexually explicit topics
    - Real-world death and suicide
    - Real-world religion and politics
    - Tasteless, vulgar, or obscene material
  • Insults/Rude Comments: Rude or insulting comments directed towards members on the forum, people in your life, or SkyVu Employees are not allowed. We understand that you may get angry at times, but it is never okay to resort to insults or rude comments.
  • Impersonation: The impersonation of SkyVu Employees, other forum members, celebrities, or anyone else will not be tolerated. This may include using your username, profile picture, discussions, comments, or anything else with the intent to fool others into believing that you are someone you are not.
  • Malicious Links: Any malicious links that are posted on the forum are not allowed for any reason. This can include any inappropriate content (see above), browser hijackers, key-loggers, phishing scams, private game server sites, and sites that contain hacks for the Battle Bears games. If you wish to report sites that contain hacks for the game, we ask that you do not post it on the forums.
  • Naming and Shaming: Do not “name and shame” players from the games, clans, groups, or other forum members. “Naming and shaming” is the act of creating a discussion to call out an individual or group by name, making them the subject of public accusation, ridicule and/or shaming. If you have a particular issue with a player in game, please submit a request <a href="">at this link</a>. If you have an issue on the forum regarding another member, group of members, or anything with the forum, please send an email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.
  • Petitions: Since they normally promote demands or nonconstructive comments, we do not allow petitions to be posted on the forum. Rather than posting a petition, we recommend that you post it as a suggestion so that more members can contribute.
  • Privacy/Personal Information: For the sake of the protection of your identity and others, we ask that you do not post any personal information, as well as the information of other people, whether they are friends, family, or other forum members
  • Private Messages: We ask that you follow the same rules and guidelines as posted on this page with private messages. If you receive a PM that offends you in any way, please report it to an administrator or moderator right away and we will investigate.
  • Role-Play/Fan Fiction: We understand that some members may like to role-play and/or write fan fictions, and we ask that you respect these members. We also don’t allow meta-gaming and godmodding. Click the spoiler tag below to read about what these are.
    Meta-gaming is when a player has become aware of or is told about information pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline or situation, and then uses that information to his/her own benefit or as a means to interact with or against other players.

    Examples are instant rescues after someone is captured, or instantly finding a cure for a curse cast 30 minutes ago.

    Godmodding is a variant of godmoding. The type of behavior it describes is also classically known as twinking, or using game cheats to become invincible.

    Examples being, going "linkdead", and then saying nothing happened; going non-com in the middle of a fight; instantly fading a scene for no reason given; taking things out of character (OOC) when RP does not go how you want. Claiming your character is all-powerful or a god with no weaknesses is also considered godmodding. And finally, telling people how to RP their characters, or trying to use OOC against them in character (IC) is a form of godmodding.

    Godmodding occurs when a character describes an event or a series of events he or she has taken against a player character in the RPG, with the person who plays the character acted against then describing actions taken that completely nullify the original actions against them. Godmodding is thus used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events. It is also used as a single word definition of having an invincible character or unbreakable armor, limitless power, etc. For example, the following exchange would be godmodding on the part of player A:

    - Player B states, "Having exploited A's mistake and caught hold of him, B strikes A."
    - Player A states, "B completely missed A, and A takes no damage."

    Godmodding can also refer to the case when a player describes the outcome of his/her own actions against another character. For example, player A stating, "A strikes B and B takes damage" would be considered godmodding on the part of player A in most situations. Another less common version of this is when a character is facing multiple enemies, and he directs an attack from one foe into another foe. This takes the format that Player B states, "A misses B completely, and strikes C instead."'

    Controlling characters that aren't your characters to begin with is also a form of godmodding.

    - Player A: Punches Player B.
    - Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies at Player B, who warps behind him and slashes Player A in the back.
    <font size=1>Reference:</font>;
  • Signatures: Signatures are expected to follow all of the same rules and guidelines as posted on this page. If your signature contains anything that breaks these rules, we will change it for you and give you a warning accordingly. Please respect this, and do not repost anything that was removed.
  • Spamming: Please do not spam on the forums. Spamming on this forum can be classified as:
    - Reposting the same comments or discussions more than once.
    - Reposting comments or discussions than have been removed previously by an administrator or moderator.
    - Posting content that does not relate or contribute to the discussion.
    - Repeatedly giving members the same post reaction(s).
    - Repeatedly reporting members with no real reason.
    - Reporting innocent comments/discussions.
    We understand that the forum will sometimes have issues that cause multiple comments or discussions to post. If this happens, please edit one (or more) of your comments to specify this. With discussions, please clarify in some way that it was a glitch and we can close one (or more) of them for you with no consequences.
  • Threats/Self Harm: Making threats directed towards other individuals, SkyVu employees, or yourself will not be tolerated. This can also be considered a form of cyber bullying which is something we take very seriously. Suicidal threats or talk of suicide is also something we do not allow. We are legally not allowed to intervene with issues like this, but we ask that you seek the proper help.
  • Trolling: A troll is a person who starts arguments or upsets people with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussions. We do not accept this behavior. We also ask that you don’t “feed the trolls”. This can be done by responding to their behavior or calling another member out as being a troll. If you think someone is trolling, please send an email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or PM an administrator or moderator, and leave it at that.
  • Username Changes: We will only allow username changes during the second week of January and July. If you would like your username to be changed during either of these weeks, please PM an administrator or moderator.
While these guidelines cover almost all situations that we all may encounter, there will always be some issues we may have missed. These issues will be handled promptly and appropriately by an administrator or our moderator team, and if it becomes a common issue or concern, we will update these guidelines to include it. If something doesn't seem appropriate to do, it is safe to assume that you shouldn't do it.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please send an email to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. Thank you, and please enjoy your time on the Battle Bears Forum!
SkyVu Entertainment.
For support, please contact [email protected] about your questions and concerns.


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