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If you actually care the "slightest" bit about SkyVu come here.

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So, the forums are in a huge war and are going against SkyVu. Dozens of complaints, people leaving, being unforgiving. Because of this, I think SkyVu is starting to abandon the forums. I realize this through a post by @SilentDD‌
To be honest, I feel that if SkyVu ever wanted to shut this website down, they'd have done it already. For lack of better wording, I'd say they don't exactly take everything said here seriously. Ironically I think the constant criticism (which isn't 100% a bad thing by any means) has "forced" SkyVu to sort of turn away from us in a sense. "Laissez Faire" in a way. They won't shut us down for complaining and criticizing. As a trade-off, though, they won't listen AS MUCH as they used to. (less)

We have started to drive SkyVu away because of our ungratefulness. I mean, I'm not saying you can't dislike what SkyVu is doing eight now, or even hate them for that matter. I'm just saying we need to change the way we say things to them. We've been being rude about it.

The purpose of this thread is to show SkyVu we appreciate the effort. So what BBP is bad. We can think it's bad. Heck, we can HATE it beyond imagination. However, we still need to give Ben a pat on the back and say "You tried," which we haven't had enough of.

So if you still care about SkyVu, even a little. Save the image below, use some sort of drawing app/software to sign your name to the list, and show SkyVu we aren't as rude/disrespectful as they may think we are.

Call me a suck up as much as you want, this is what I now believe.


Edit: Don't make your signature huge. The bigger it is, the less people can sign.


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