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Something a lot of you need to learn

candyissweetcandyissweet Member, MVP Posts: 4,405 Exalted
edited September 2014 in Community
People on this forum have different sensitivity levels, and that's completely okay. But just because you are able to withstand certain insults does NOT mean other people can withstand it as well. Lately I've been seeing forumers bullying other forumers, and when they are told that they hurt the victim's feelings, they say something like, "Dude, it was a joke, stop taking it so seriously." After this I see you guys ganging up on the victim for taking a joke too seriously. Oh yeah, remember what I said in the first sentence of this thread "People on this forum have different sensitivity levels?" Some people simply are NOT born to be able to withstand those sorts of insults, and it makes me so angry to see that people can get away with bullying by simply saying "I was just kidding."

Let's change something. Before you tell a joke, don't ask yourself "If someone told this joke to me, would I be offended?" Ask yourself instead "If I played a joke on this specific person, would they get offended?" Unless you are completely bro-bro to that person and know what offends them and what doesn't, it's never okay to say whatever you want and not expecting them to have their feelings hurt.

Seeing some people finding excuses to be mean to others without feeling any shame is something that really disappoints me, so I hope most of you read this entire message and learned something new.

- candyissweet


  • EdgecatorEdgecator Member Posts: 1,676 Lieutenant
    Was this targeted towards my joke thread?
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  • EarmuffsEarmuffs Member, MVP, Trial Moderator Posts: 2,157 War Hero
    I'm glad someone is finally addressing this issue.
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  • grizzgrizz Member Posts: 4,009 Exalted
    i kinda agree with this

    i don't want to sugarcoat what i type on the off chance that someone isn't going to be able to handle what i say

    i mean i'm not doing a full personality check to see what offends them when i say it
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  • Lich_KingLich_King Member Posts: 5,097 Fabled
    Noobs is not a wrong thing go say
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  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    Ah ha no.
  • FishThingFishThing Member, MVP Posts: 18,601 Fabled
    Sometimes, I don't even know who's right.

    Probably because I'm dumb,
  • NovaProspektNovaProspekt Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 10,731 Fabled
    People on this forum have different sensitivity levels,

    I play on 54%.


  • LXSXLLXSXL Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,358 Noble
    Well said, and I completely agree.
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  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    @ihugU Maybe you have a different opinion but totally neutral.
  • candyissweetcandyissweet Member, MVP Posts: 4,405 Exalted
    It's really sad to see that there are people who don't understand what should be taken seriously and what shouldn't...
  • Hipster_TacoHipster_Taco Member Posts: 812 Corporal
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  • SilentDDSilentDD Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 12,754 Fabled
    edited September 2014
    Eeeehhhhhh.... I dunno. If somebody gets offended by a so-called "joke," saying "Chill, it was a joke" isn't going to make them (or anyone that agrees with them) change their opinion. Plus it is better than constant fights and arguments. I'm not saying I condone such behavior or anything, but it is inevitable. I just believe that, although some people may consider themselves bullied here on the forum, there are always people here who will stand by them and whatnot. Also slashed words making joking around a lot easier
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  • Tehlews128Tehlews128 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,634 Lieutenant
    People may see me and Muzzle or Storm being complete jerks to each other, but we are just poking fun, whether it was something wrong we did and we just laugh at it, or one of us being really creepy. Like when BronyAssassin said his favorite kind of cookie was warm cookies, or when I left my mic on in a Skype call and was heavily berthing into it. Or when Muzzle though that my wife and I were getting married when I meant that him and I were getting married. We all mess up, and it's okay when your good friends poke fun at you for it. But I really don't like it when people take things too seriously. I agree with everything DD had stated.
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