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YoutubeAllStars Clan!!!Now recruting(for non youtubers also)

MrRoadrash12MrRoadrash12 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 247 Recruit
edited August 2014 in Clan Talk
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Hello People Of the internet,My name is MrRoadrash12 and I always rush for perfection.Now for perfection I need an elite team of youtubers.
Here are the steps to enroll:

1:You need to be a living human with battle bears skillz.

2:Need to have a BBU account over lv10.

3:You have to join a group called "youtube all stars bbu clan" On palringo(download it)The group with this logo:
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4:Then over there you contact me and say i want to join the group.

5:I will test you out on BBU with a 1vs 1.

6:If u win or lose and impress me then u get to go to the clan.(no cheating will be allowed)

7:I will sent you a friend request and a clan invite.

8:Thats all. :)


We only accept the best.
Make sure u bring ur best.


Could be you?

-A BBU player


  • Rays364Rays364 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 127 Recruit
    I would definetly try out but I'm not a YouTuber. Usually I hate clans the only one I never hated was. ZS which -8 and I created and WIN. But I like the idea of this clan! I recommend this clan for youtubers.
  • HoneyHoney Member Posts: 1,767 Lieutenant
    Sounds Smexy. Good luck with your clan.
  • Lich_KingLich_King Member Posts: 5,097 Fabled
    Sounds very vexu
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  • MrRoadrash12MrRoadrash12 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 247 Recruit
    @Liche414‌ dude join the palr in go chat B-)
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