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Here are my problems I am facing with hackers and rank play in BBU(Read it its an eye opener)

MrRoadrash12MrRoadrash12 Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 247 Recruit
Hello people of the internet,I want to talk about and issue i had with BBU My rank is 1063 yet a not no:1.WHY?Here is a screen shot.

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Now I want to show U a vid that shows a hacker in BBU getting Everything(his name is FMY)

Here is a vid on how a hacker gets infinte ammo on bbu


Plz try to get rid of such people in the game as they are destroying a game i really like.

Hope This opened ur eyes.(p.s all these glitches were avalible in BBG)(Try patching them)

-A BBU player


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