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Types of BBG Players

NuggetsaurusNuggetsaurus Member Posts: 1,562 Lieutenant
Here are some type of players in BBG:

Aggresive-only goes for kills

Supportive-helps teamates

Team Player-as the name says

Hacker-you already know what this is

Public Accounter(lol)-only uses public accounts

Noob/Newbie-new player

Rich Noob-new player who's got alot of gas items but doesn't know how to use them

1 Class User-only uses one class

AFK-a player who does nothing the entire match

Stacker-i think you already know this one

Rage Quiters-quits the game because he gets killed alot

Spammer-spams weapons

Rate Down spammer-rates down everyone for no reason

Well these are the only ones i can think of,share more if you have some



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