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Concerns regarding the "update account" button

SlimefonSlimefon Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,083 Sergeant
edited June 2014 in Android BBO Beta Testing
Hello folks,
One thing that's been scaring me is the update account button. With it, once a player somehow guessed another player's password, not only can the player change the password, but also the username, making the account untrackable should the original owner ask SkyVu to retrieve the account. I mean, the original owner won't know what's the new username of that account, and even if SkyVu asks something else like "How much keys did you have on that account?", chances are the keys have been used already or the owner forgets about the exact value. Even if there's a unique internal ID of that account in the servers, the owner can't possibly know about that either. Oh, then what about retrieving the account via email? Well, ladies and gentlemen, "update account" can change the email of that account as well.

Of course, if you're careful with your password, guessing will be rather impossible, but a lot of players uses common passwords such as 123456, password, or birth dates.

I believe BBU will be successful, and with more players, this said problem will have a higher chance to occur everyday. So yeah, rather than SkyVu having tons of emails everyday asking about account retrievals, it's best to put up a solution now regarding this problem. Maybe something like an extra security question should the player logged in from an unknown device.
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