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Crucial information regarding the semi-immortals and immortals issue

SlimefonSlimefon Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 1,083 Sergeant
edited May 2014 in Android BBO Beta Testing
Hello, fellow testers!
Before we begin, if you have not read my semi-immortal/immortal thread, please do so, as what I am about to discuss are additional information related to the thread:

Alright, so I've pinpointed a crucial detail regarding immortals. I've been an immortal twice, and both occasions happen on the Sky Pirates map. I've also met at least 3 immortals (notable by them not being able to use jump pads, unable to pick kill tokens, and of course, immortal) and all of those occasions are from the Sky Pirates map. Coincidence? I think not. I've never been or seen an immortal on any other map other than Sky Pirates. If you guys are lucky you can experience being an immortal there.

Also, while you're in an immortal state, you cannot take any damage whether it's from the enemy or from your own explosions. However, I noticed that you can still take damage from huggables (I guess it's not completely immortal now). I haven't had the chance to test out turret fire though.

Lastly, I've also noticed that the status of immortal/semi-immortal can be obtained even if the player joins a match that has not started yet.


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