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Weekly Play Tests!!!

SkyVu_MarcusSkyVu_Marcus Member, Quality-Assurance Posts: 83 SkyVu Employee
From now to the Official release we will be having weekly play tests for the beta. These test will happen every Thursday at 4:00pm Central Time starting June 5th. Use this site if you live out side the USA to convert the time to USA Nebraska. Look for a game titled "Test" or some variant of it. An if you are still unsure just make sure to look for users "marcustest3"(that's me) or "skyvucody" and you will know you are in the right game.

Please feel free to suggest a game type, map, and time limit for each of the play tests. Also any suggestions to better organize these play tests is also welcomed. Things like time, date, and duration of the play tests are welcomed in this post. Bug reporting should be done in the bug posts and not here please. Now if these weekly play test turn out well they Might continue past the official launch, no promises.

Finally there will be another play test this Friday, May 30th, at 4:00pm. If you do not see a game right away please be patient. Hope to see you all Friday!


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