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Does Each Character Vary in Stats?

SP4RKSSP4RKS Banned, Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 7,528 Fabled
If this was in a Dev Diary, forgive my stupidity. I just wanted to know if the health for each character is different from each one. (I believe speed is) If not, then what's the default amount of health? Thanks

Best Answers

  • CantTouchThisCantTouchThis Posts: 3,737 Exalted
    edited March 2014 Accepted Answer
    According to @SkyVu_Trevor‌
    Each character does have stat differences but it has less to do with hit box and more to do with play styles. Oliver and Will both have 1000 hp and share the same hitbox while Riggs has 1100hp and Astoria has 900hp. Speed on the other hand is universally the same and is modified only by the weapon equipped (and an augment).

    Dang it @Hakuna_Matata‌ why you ninja me T.T


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