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Attention New Recruits!

Dr_MilkyWayDr_MilkyWay Member, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 3,763 Exalted
Hello everybody! If you are reading this, then you should be one of the newest beta testers from the second phase of Beta testing recruitment. Now, I realize a lot of you must have gotten the email, and just went

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And I don't blame you! It's a great feeling to have gotten in, but Beta Testing isn't all fun and games (ironic, considering this IS fun and games), you've also got some responsibility. So I'mma give you the basics of being a beta tester. None of this is too complicated, but you still have to keep it in mind while playing the game.

1. Bug Testing

The primary job of a beta tester is essentially to see how many ways you can break the game. In other words, bug testing. For the most part, this is done by playing the game. But make sure to report every bug you find. Most people will overlook bugs in the main game, but this is our opportunity to get them out, to save everyone else the frustration.

Every report should be formatted like this:

Extra Details:
Game Mode:

And you can report every bug you find in these two places:

The official BBU Bug Report Google Form, the most direct way to report a bug (I recommend bookmarking this):

Or you can put it in this bug report thread here. Not as direct, but everyone gets and gives feedback:

2. Suggestions

You all have imaginations, right? Well how's the time to use them. No game is perfect in beta. Not just the bugs, but improving the intended mechanics as well. For example, say you think Astoria's healing grenade doesn't heal enough. Go on the forums and tell them it should heal 150% more or maybe you feel like the daily challenges should include abilities to test as well. Go here and say that! Be advised you should be as descriptive as possible, if you're talking about improving a current mechanic, tell them why it shouldn't work the way it currently does, and how it should be changed.

You can tell them this on the Google Form above (but here's the link again anyway):

Or this General Discussion Thread, where we discus BBU in general. This is probably the ideal place to give your suggestions.

This our time, right now. Changes and additions can be made in future versions, but it's our job to make sure the game is optimized for the general public.

3. Tell them what you like

While you should make suggestions for current and future mechanics, you should also tell SkyVu what they are doing right. A man's opinion is valuable, and if no one ever tells SkyVu they like they like the height if a jump, the damage of the assault rifle, or the time an overclock lasts, it could potentially change.

A compliment is never a bad thing. So tell SkyVu what they're doing right.

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Alright, launchies, those are the basics. Now go kill some bears in Battle Bears Ultimate with these rules in mind!

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