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Ok guys this match will be at 7:00 PM EST or in 15 minutes! Please sign up for it on this thread! Full information will be available once I have rounded up enough tributes for this match!
UPDATE: This will be a soldier boxing match. You may ONLY use your melee weapons, NO primaries or secondaries. You CANNOT use specials OR equipment (boosts). You may use any Melee you would like! The name of the arena: HG Match 5 Password: Boxing
Until there is one bear left who hasn't died, the match is not over! When you die, you are eliminated from that current match! You cannot respawn and try to kill others who are still competing or else you will be banned from the tourney! You get 1 warning! You cannot respawn until the stats on the screen show that there is only one person left with no deaths. I will be hosting and spectating to check for cheating. Do not kill me. When there is a last bear standing, you may fool around and have fun. Good luck!
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