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My tips for the upcoming beta testers.

Yoky01Yoky01 Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,413 Fabled
If you get chosen as a beta tester take on mind this tips.

—Be a navi:
Sometimes SkyVu doesn't see some bugs/glitch reports so you must keep repeating the same reports until they see it.

—Test on all the battle modes:
In the beta test almost nobody wanted to test in Plant The Bomb and they almost make a glitch which make Huggables to use their primaries and secondaries while they carry the bomb. The tutorial also get bugs and glitches.

—Be the most OP:
That's the best way to see if the weapons are balanced.

—Try glitch sets:
Those are SoFly+ChargedRun+SeeSaw+Cafeine injection or SW Boots+[Speed+3]

—Show to the other Beta testers the bugs and glitches that you found:
That way he/she can help you explaining or afirmating the bug/glitch to SkyVu.

—Organize matches with a PM:
The BBG beta was always abandoned because we stop having an organization.

—Don't forget you're responsible about how people will react with the upcoming update.

welp, I said it.


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