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Weapon Customization System

OCOliver234OCOliver234 Member, Old Breed, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 4,934 Fabled
So I had this idea where maybe you could open up a second feature for weapons where you could edit their stats for a certain amount, depending on how much you modified it. Of course, to keep balance, you have to divide these into points so say, you could remove a point from damage and put it into ammo. Or for projectile weapons, you could increase the reload to increase the projectile speed up to a certain amount. Now, for example, lets look at the ASR. Lets say 0.5 damage equals one point for the ASR and one point also equals 7 ammo or so. You could reduce the damage on it to add some ammo for the cost of one point from damage into ammo. Now for weapons like Dark Matter and Light Matter, Big Shot and Golden Member, or HASR and Sci-Fi HASR, these weapon copies could either gain new models to make them look more unique to new players or they could become weapon skins with preset weapon modifications that are cheaper than modifying it from the first one, based on release date. Opinions?
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