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BBG Huggable storyline game [SUGGESTION]

Yoky01Yoky01 Member, MVP, SkyVu Beta Tester Posts: 5,413 Fabled
I think our pinky buddy should have his own game where his storyline is explained since is the most used character and a lot of people have him as his favorite in BBG which makes a shame about he haven't a protagonist or even like a cameo in a game than BBG.

So this is what I suggest for his storyline:
Before Graham get his memory problem he took a huggable and rehabilitated him putting a radio on his head that replaced his old memory and works as a translator, a cybernetic eye so he would be able to communicate with him with the transceivers, but the next day he got his memory problem making him forget about the huggable. One day the huggable awakes and he will find tasks from Graham before he lost his memory, the task tells the Huggable how to destroy the H.I.P. which makes him start his adventure. 

This game would take place after BBF, BBB and BBU (not sure which of those is the last one in the storyline for the moment)

Now this are the game dynamics that I'll suggest:
—The player must give the huggable a name when he starts (Since there was always a discussion about his name) and there will be an option with selected names like in Earthbound if you don't care about the name.

—The game will be divided in chapters, each chapter will have a question that haves a good and selfish option, which is going to determinate an alternative ending where the huggable decides which side does he want to be since according to Ben he is bipolar.

—There will be two playable crews:
•Huggable's crew: Huggable and other characters. (What I would suggest is a strong bear who was treated as an slave and a girl that was fired from the BattleBears)
•BattleBears' crew: Oliver, Wil, Tillman, Astoria, Riggs and Graham

—Huggable and his crew will be considered as evil and dangerous by the BattleBears, so they will try to kill it making them the antagonists for the first time. 

—Rival fights: This might sound Pokemonish but I think it would be nice to have battles between the crews.

—Huggable would have his BBG abilities reskined between the chapters, it will start as a normal color palette, but if the player chooses a selfish or bad option it will turn darker, and if the player chooses a moral/good one the rainbow will turn brighter

—Boss fights: Because what kind of adventure game it will be without boss battles? Maybe there would be a different boss for each crew, or make both fight against 1 boss, the first crew is going to weak him and the second one will destroy/kill it.

I will like to see your opinions or suggestions.
welp, I said it.


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